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Africa: Mali - Ibrahim Yattara


Partner: Professor Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara

While he was an adolescent, Mohamed began to inquire about spiritual things. Though his father was a school principal and staunch Moslem, young Mohamed began to ask questions about other faiths. It was while he was visiting his uncle, Pastor Nouh Yattara, in Timbuktu, that he first heard about Jesus Christ.

Over time he became convinced that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God.  Even though he was rejected by his father and family, he stood fast in his faith.  He eventually went to Bible School to learn more, including studies in America.  But it was not in North Carolina that God brought Mohamed together with JL.

JL’s relationship with ‘Professor Mohamed’ began on his first teaching trip to Timbuktu, Mali, for a Leadership Seminar.  There his uncle asked him to be JL’s interpreter for the week.  Through hours of preaching and teaching side-by-side, their hearts and minds were quickly knit together through the Spirit and the Word.  Professor Mohamed continues to head the Bible Institute in Gao, Mali, where he trains and equips young leaders in the Gospel ministry—all of whom are from Moslem backgrounds.