Our Mission Partners

Africa: Ethiopia - Alemayehu Goshu

Partner: Alemayehu 'Alex' Goshu

Alemayehu, or 'Alex' as he is affectionately known, is a close friend and partner of JL for several decades. While he grew up in an Orthodox home, he was later converted to Christ. He became an active pastor and leader in the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC). He worked closely with JL and NDI in evangelism and church planting projects across Ethiopia.

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Africa: Ghana - Ahmed Aygei

Pastor Ahmed Agyei

Ahmed was raised in a strong Muslim family. He was dramatically brought to faith in Jesus Christ, whom he has faithfully served ever since. A few years later, he also married a former Muslim business woman. Because of his unique spiritual and social background in Islam, he is uniquely equipped to minister to Muslims in his country of Ghana. He has built a large worship center (church) that looks more like a mosque than a traditional church. It is called the "House of Abraham."

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Africa: Ghana - Yaw Asante

Partner: Evangelist Yaw Asante

Yaw is a close friend and partner of JL's for over 25 years. God first networked them together in 1983 in Amsterdam at the International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (ICIE) sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. They quickly found a common interest in the preaching and teaching of the word, especially among the unreached. They also shared a strong commitment to various self-support projects that would teach self-sufficiency to pastors living and working in rural areas of Ghana, especially in the northern region dominated by Islam.

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Africa: Kenya - Stakwell Yurenimo

Partner: Stakwell Yurenimo

God brought Stakwell into the life of JL when he was a young teenager in his village in Kurungu, Northern Kenya. He was a member of the Samburu tribe, who are pastoralists who move around with their cattle. He was born into a traditional polygamous family, the son of his father's first of 3 wives. Like all young boys, he was given the responsibility of shepherding the cattle all day. But according to his father, Stakwell was not a good shepherd -- so he was sent away to boarding school. There he was put in a room with a Turkana lad, who are the mortal enemies of the Samburu.

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Africa: Mali - Ibrahim Yattara


Partner: Professor Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara

While he was an adolescent, Mohamed began to inquire about spiritual things. Though his father was a school principal and staunch Moslem, young Mohamed began to ask questions about other faiths. It was while he was visiting his uncle, Pastor Nouh Yattara, in Timbuktu, that he first heard about Jesus Christ.

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Africa: Mali - Nouh Yattara

Partner: Pastor Nouh Ay Infa Yattara

Pastor Nouh is considered the very first known convert from Islam to Jesus Christ in the historic city of Timbuktu. It is the fourth holiest city to Islam, preceded in prominence by Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. In spite of his father's attempt to kill him after his conversion as a young boy, he remained strong in his faith. He grew up to plant the very first Christian Church in Timbuktu. Pastor Nouh continues to lead this Baptist congregation today.

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Africa: S. Africa - Allan Knowles

Partner: Allan Knowles

Allan Knowles was born into a family where his mother and father were parents to ten (10) children.

Allan lived in what the apartheid government termed as a designated Cape Town Colored Township. Steenberg was in a sub-economic setting and crime was endemic. The Knowles family eeked out a living and the children received basic education at State supported schools - albeit not the best in Cape Town, where the Children achieved grades that enabled them to pass.

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Africa: Sudan - Abraham Nhial

Abraham Nhial

Abraham Nhial is one of the dynamic young leaders of the "New Sudan." He has recently been appointed as the first Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, Diocese of Aweil, one of the ten States of Southern Sudan populated by over one million people. JL funded a church building there through NDI several years ago in partnership with Abraham. However, Abraham didn't start out in church leadership. He started out as one of the "Lost Boys of Sudan." He was about nine years old when troops sent by the northern Islamic government in Khartoum attacked his village in Southern Sudan. As a result, he was separated from his parents and family and became a refugee in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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Africa: Timbuktu - Mohamed Ali

Mohamed Ali is another follower of Christ, what is often called a MBB or "Muslim Background Believer." He is another spiritual fruit of Pastor Nouh Yattara, our key National partner in Timbuktu, Mali. Timbuktu is the fourth holiest Islamic site, after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. After he graduated from the Bible Institute, he returned to Timbuktu to work under Pastor Nouh Yattara who continued to mentor him in his faith and leadership. Gradually they sensed that God was calling this young pastor to pioneer the planting of a new daughter church outside Timbuktu known as Ahara Kabara. He is also a wonderful musician who composes and performs music in the local language and cultural context of the various tribal peoples of the Sahara. Through his partnership with our ministry, he also runs a Sports' Ministry as a means of outreach to the children and young people of the area.

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Africa: Togo - Komivi Abiyoe

Komivi Abiyoe

Komivi has been a friend and partner of JL and Patt's for almost 15 years.  God first intersected their lives at the Billy Graham Conference for Itinerate Evangelists in Amsterdam 2000. But a closer connection occurred at a Pastor's Conference in Ghana that JL was conducting for local leaders from Ghana and surrounding West African countries.

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Africa: Zimbabwe - Francis Munkombwe

Pastor Francis Munkombwe

Eben Ezer Bible College, Hwange, Zimbabwe

The friendship and partnership of JL and Francis dates back to his time in Bible College in Harare between 1986 - 1988. Through the recommendation of his spiritual father and overseer, Pastor Simon Mkolo, JL sponsored him to the Pentecostal Bible College (PBC), along with several other of Pastor Simon's key young leaders. After graduation from PBC, Francis continued to evangelize and plant churches under Pastor Mkolo. Because of his concern to give other young pastors and leaders further Biblical training, he founded the Eben-Ezer Bible College (EBC) in Hwange, in 1995.

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Africa: Zimbabwe - Godfrey Mkolo

Godfrey Mkolo

Since Godfrey is the son of Pastor Simon Mkolo, long time friend and partner of JL's, it is obvious that J.L. and Godfrey became friends. As JL ministered with Simon, he saw that Godfrey had Simon's same heart and passion for ministry -- but to the next generation. So JL started a mentoring relationship with Godfrey. He had two gifts and interests that JL was especially attracted to: music and sports.

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Africa: Zimbabwe - Herbert Mkwala

Herbert Mkwala

Herbert Mkwala is a businessman who has worked for the Mining Company in Hwange, Zimbabwe, all of his adult life. As a young man, he started at the bottom working in the mines. Over the years he worked up to a senior advisory position supervising hundreds of other mine workers. During all of these years, Herbert has been an active member of the Assembly of God Church founded by our partner, Pastor Simon Mkolo. Because of Herbert's keen organizational skills and experience, he has been the administrator for the ever-growing and expanding ministry of Pastor Mkolo.

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Africa: Zimbabwe - Simon Mkolo

Simon Mkolo is one of JL's oldest partners on the African continent in terms of friendship and partnership -- going back to the early 1980s. Simon had been a political radical and revolutionary during the days when Southern Rhodesia was seeking her independence from white rule. As a result of his speaking out against the injustices of the racial regime, he was arrested and put in prison for 4 years for his rebel activities. While there he was given a book by an African pastor entitled God's Miracles. The message of that book -- especially the emphasis on the verse about Jesus Christ being "...the same yesterday, today and forever" (Heb. 13:8), led to his equally radical conversion to Jesus Christ.

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Africa: Zimbabwe - Trevor Manhanga

Partner: Bishop Trevor Manhanga

JL first met Trevor Manhanga in 1983 when he was a student in the Pentecostal Bible College in Harare, Zimbabwe. JL had been invited there by Principal Jim Seymour, to teach a spiritual emphasis week for the students. Very quickly a relationship developed between JL and this young man who was obviously a key leader in the Bible College. That started a friendship that has spanned several decades.

While a student, Trevor began pastoring a new young congregation known as Victory Tabernacle in the City of Mutare. Each year JL would minister there along side Trevor. Across the years it became one of the strongest and most influential churches in the city and country. Eventually he became the first Bishop of the Pentecostal Assembly of Zimbabwe (PAOZ). Under his positive and proactive leadership the PAOZ grew in both depth and breadth across the country.

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Asia: Hong Kong - James & Latika Paul

James and Latika Paul

James and Latika have been close friends and partners of JL and Patt for many years. They first met when JL was preaching in Hong Kong at the International Baptist Church (IBC). James and Latika are both business people involved in the garment industry. James is the CEO of JSP International Ltd based in Hong Kong.

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Asia: India - Bharat Tamang

Bharat Tamang

Pastor Bharat was first introduced to JL through the ministry of Hanok Tamang in Kathmandu, Nepal, when he was attending a Pastor's Conference where JL was speaking. He was a Nepali working among the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis living in the slums of the capital city of Delhi, India. On future visits to Delhi, JL visited the growing work of Pastor Bharat and his daughter, Tabitha.

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Asia: India - Bishop Ezra Sargunam

Bishop Ezra Sargunam - Chennai, India

Bishop Sargunam is certainly one of the leading pioneer church planters in India today. As the head of the Evangelical Church of India (ECI), Bishop Sargunam is the visionary behind the movement to evangelize and plant churches among all of the people groups of India. To date they have planted over 3,000 churches across the Indian subcontinent. They have consistently done this at the rate of 3 churches a week -- with a goal of one church a day!


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Asia: India - Dr. S.S Rai

Dr. S.S Rai - Bengal, India

Dr. Rai is a convert from Buddhism. He had become a very successful doctor before his conversion to Jesus Christ. After his conversion, he went to the Naxalbari area of West Bengal, India, and started the Holy Palace Hospital. It is an area known for political violence and Hindu fundamentalism. From this "bush hospital",

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Asia: India - Rev. Chinkosoi


 We first met Chinkosoi in Chennai, India, in the late 1980s. He was a student at the Madras Bible Seminary (MBS) under the direction of our long-time partner, Bishop Ezra Sargunam and the Evangelical Church of India. We shortened Chinkosoi’s name to Soia to keep from always mispronouncing it (as we Americans are prone to do)!

   Soia was an engaging young man from Manipur in northeast India. Christianity has been in that part of India for about 200 years, so most of the tribal groups have a rich history in the Christian faith. While at the seminary, he joined a singing group of students from that state called the Manipur Tribal Singers. Their songs and hymns touched many and were interspersed with traditional dancing and motions.

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Asia: India/Bhutan - Sarita Pradhan

Sarita Pradhan - Jaigaon, India

Sarita was born in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, where any and every form of Christian evangelism is strictly forbidden. But through a sovereign set of circumstances, the Lord brought her to Himself. She immediately became a evangelist and church planted in Bhutan -- especially among women. God mightily used her to bring both physical and spiritual healing to scores of people -- which continues to this day.

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Asia: Nepal - Dil Bahadur Tamang

Dil Bahadur Tamang

God sovereignly connected JL with Dil when they were trekking together up a mountain in Nepal to dedicate two new churches build through NDI. Their hearts were quickly knit together in love. JL quickly saw Dil's passion for evangelism and his leadership skills as he led their bus driver to faith in Christ.

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Asia: Nepal - Gyan Sunuwar

Gyan Sunuwar

Pastor Gyan Sunuwar helped pioneer the Everest Base Camp Outreach in Nepal, which began in December of 1996.  He has a special burden to share the Gospel along the Mt. Everest base camp trek route, to win souls and plant churches.  God has used Gyan to plant many churches in the Himalayas and now there are 14 in his care.  Currently, Pastor Gyan needs financial support in the amount of $996 to complete the roof of this church -- this includes porter and worker wages.

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Asia: Nepal - Hanok Tamang

Hanok Tamang

Hanok Tamang was the first born son of a prominent Buddhist priest in Nepal. As the eldest son, he was expected to follow his father in the Buddhist priesthood. However, as a young man, he became increasingly unfulfilled with the beliefs and practices of his religion. He began to question the beliefs of Buddhism. Through the witness of a college friend, he accepted Christ as his personal Savior. His newfound faith soon resulted in disfavor with his father, family and neighbors. He was eventually arrested and put in jail for his faith. He was also put in stocks as a public humiliation and warning to others. At that time Nepal was the only officially Hindu Kingdom in the world.

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Asia: Nepal - Nima & Yacob Tshering

Pastor Nima Tshering - Nepal & Tibet

Pastor Nima and his wife, Ridgzin -- affectionately known as "Pala" and "Amala" -- are in many ways the patriarch and matriarch of indigenous Tibetan Christianity. As a young boy of seven, Pala was given to the Buddhist Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet. For 28 years he was a faithful Buddhist monk, and even served, for a time, in the palace in Lhasa under the leadership of the Dali Lama, the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism. Leaving Tibet, he traveled as a peripatetic monk in India where he contracted malaria. Pala was cared for in a Christian Mission Hospital where he first encountered Christian love and compassion.

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Asia: Singapore - Joseph Jabemany

Joseph Jabemany

God sovereignly networked the lives and ministries of JL and Pastor Joseph through Bishop Ezra Sargunam in India. As a Tamil Indian living in Singapore, Joseph had gone to the ECI Bible College and Seminary in Chennai. After graduation, he went back home to Singapore to evangelize and plant churches among the thousands of Tamils living and working in Singapore.

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Asia: Sri Lanka - Ranjan Fernando

Ranjan Fernando

United Christian Fellowship of Sir Lanka

Ranjan Fernando has been a personal friend and partner for many years since God sovereignly connected our lives and ministries. As a native of Sri Lanka, the small tear-shaped island off the East coast of India, Ranjan has been our primary partner there for nearly two decades in this largely Buddhist country. In response to his invitations, I have traveled to Sri Lanka many times to preach, teach and conduct leadership seminars.

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Caribbean: Freeport, Bahamas - Wilbur Outten

Pastor Wilbur Outten

Wilbur has been JL's closest friend and partner in the Bahamas for over 25 years. They first met when JL was traveling and ministering in the Bahamas with "Damascus Road," a small Christian Rock musical ministry from NDI. At that time Wilbur was a young successful businessman -- but with the call on his life for vocational Christian ministry. That began a mentoring friendship and partnership that has continued to this day. In time, God called Wilbur from being a business entrepreneur to being a spiritual entrepreneur as the Senior Pastor of the Freeport Bible Church (FBC).

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Caribbean: Haiti - Chavannes Jeune

Dr. Chavannes Jeune

Pastor Chavannes Jeune is one of the most influential Christian leaders in Haiti today. He grew up in the Baptist Church of South Haiti (MEBSH), which is the largest indigenous church in the country with several hundred churches and over 385 primary schools. He is the son of a pastor and grew up in Les Cayes. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering and has applied that in many areas to benefit his country and people. In addition to being a pastor and President of MEBSH for 6 years, he has founded many organizations to empower Haitians, like LUMITEC, which is a Micro Credit Union making small loans to thousands of Haitians who could never qualify for a bank loan.

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Caribbean: Haiti - Edner Jeanty, Jr.

Rev. Edner Jeanty, Jr.

Edner, Jr. is one of the young Christian intellectuals and theologians of the country of Haiti and long time friend and partner of JL. He was born and raised in Haiti, the son of Edner Jeanty, Sr., who translated the first Bible into Creole. Edner, Jr. graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1989. He served with UFM International (now CrossWorld) as a missionary in the Congo, Africa. He has also held numerous leadership positions with the Evangelical Baptist Union of Haiti (UEBH), as well as taught at their STEP Seminary for over 17 years.

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Caribbean: Haiti - Esperandieu Pierre

Rev. Esperandieu Pierre

Esperandieu is the Haiti National Director for Campus Crusade for Christ International, a position he has held since 1995. As such, he is one of the most visionary, dynamic and catalytic young Christian leaders of the country. In that capacity, he and JL worked together in a number of outreaches to the youth of Haiti -- especially the "Haiti At The Cross" event in 2004 with Joe White, noted speaker with Promise Keepers and Kanakuk Kamps.

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Coming From the North/Overseas


"Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you." (2 Thes. 3:1)

Please click to view Evangelist Yaw Asante's January Newsletter.

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Israel - Shmuel & Pamela Suran

Shmuel & Pamela Suran

God first intersected the lives and ministries of JL, Patt, Shmuel and Pamela in the Holy Land. Both of them are converted Jews. While Shmuel pastors a small Christian Church in Jerusalem, Pamela serves as one of the few evangelical Christian tour guides in Israel.

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