A Tibetan Monk’s Story - Pastor Nima Tshering

The story of Pastor Nima Tshering, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk.  

95 pages A Tibetan Monk’s Story
Breaking the Dependency Cycle - JL Williams
187 pages Breaking the Dependency Cycle
Follow The Leader - By Dr. J.L. Williams

JL’s new book on leadership that represents a life of study, teaching and preaching in this area

The Passionate Christ - by Dr. J.L. Williams $15.00

Go through a detailed accounting of Jesus’ last days on earth and discover afresh His passion for you.

210 pages .pdf download
A Christian Perspective on Islam - by Dr. J.L. Williams $10.00

With the Bible in one hand and the Quran in the other, this book gives a fair analysis of the eternal differences in these two monotheistic religions.

The Power of Partnership - by Dr. J.L. Williams $10.00

Team work, partnerships, relationships—there is power in ministering together.

104 pages .pdf download
The Storms of Life - by Dr. J.L. Williams

God’s word offers solutions to all of our distressing moments or seasons: whether we are going into, in the midst of, or coming out of a storm.

184 pages .pdf download
Transformation of a Terroist - by Dr. J.L. Williams

Read about the life changing events surrounding the Osama bin Laden of the 1st century.

74 pages .pdf download
What Time Is It? - by Dr. J.L. Williams

A great book that explores the times of our lives—either those moments marked by calendars and watches, or those marked by God’s intervention.

104 pages .pdf download
Spiritual Olympics - by Dr. J.L. Williams

Life is much like an athletic event where we prepare, train and then play to win.  Let’s not miss the fact that all of us are running a spiritual race for an eternal prize.

141 pages .pdf download
God - The Divine Rewarder - by Dr. J.L. Williams

If you battle with whether God is just or unjust, this is a refreshing look at the fact that every promise of God is accompanied by a promised reward.

131 pages .pdf download
Will a Man Rob God? - by Dr. J.L. Williams

Are there thieves in the church of Jesus Christ?  You betcha!  Robbing God is more common than you think.

40 pages .pdf download