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August 02, 2013

Dear Friends and Partners,

   J.L. asked me to share my thoughts about the past 5 days and Luke’s return. I’m not saying I speak for everyone, but this is my perspective today: Friday, August 2.

   April 30, 2012 was the day Luke went home from the hospital last year. August 1, 2013 was the day Luke went home from the hospital this year. Almost 16 months to the day.

   While there are still no exact answers as to why he had a repeat of the streptococcus bacterial meningitis, we do praise the Lord that he came home! 

    You can imagine their joyful reunion in their own house about 7:30 last night. Luke has a PICC line so he can continue the antibiotics for at least 2 more weeks. He is still quite weak and needs assistance with many tasks, but he is very happy to be back home. Please pray that he will have a speedy return to his active self.

   It’s been an exhausting experience for each one of us, in different ways. There is something quite numbing about traumatic events and illnesses. Those of you who have been there, or are in the midst of it now, understand. A bone-deep weariness. A heavy sadness for all the pain and suffering. For all that was lost…yet struggling to believe in all that will be gained, in God’s time. 

   Margaret Feinberg, in The Sacred Echo, gives the illustration of Elijah the prophet who was near collapse with fatigue, disheartening thoughts and depression in I Kings 19. God used a series of natural and supernatural events to prepare Elijah for an encounter with Himself: the unfaithfulness of the Israelite people, the influence of the false prophets, then the wind, earthquake and fire. I love the next part. “Our outrageously generous God provides for this torn-up prophet physically with food, emotionally with friendship, relationally with a wingman, Elisha, and spiritually with encouragement. God whispers life back into the prophet.”

   Perhaps that’s my greatest request for prayer for Jonathan, Julie, Luke, Owen and Joy Yael…that God, out of His great mercy and love, will strengthen this dear family spiritually, emotionally and physically…will infuse life, strength and hope back into them.  Thank you for joining me in this prayer.

   Surely, all of this has not happened in vain. May it make us more sensitive and caring to those around us who are in need of a listening ear, a prayer, a friend, a meal. 

Wearily grateful for Jesus,

Lord, give me eyes
that I may see.
Lest I, as people will,
should pass someone’s Calvary
and think it just a hill.
- Anonymous

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