New Directions International Alumni

March 04, 2013

Dear ND Alumni,

   Patt and I send you our love and greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus.  We hope this email finds each of you well in the Lord and continuing to love and serve Him in your spheres of influence.


   I am writing you on behalf of your fellow ND Alumnus, John Fraser – also known as "Frase-mon" and "Bass-mon!"  As you will remember, he and his wife Jane were active members of the NDs almost since the very beginning, as well as "Damascus Road."  They continue to be closely involved with JLPF and Jane serves as our CFO – an invaluable service to Patt and me!  From their many years in the NDs, they went on a number of mission trips with us to Haiti, Bahamas and Africa to minister musically and do work projects.

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