New Directions International Alumni

January 08, 2010

Dear Class of ’69,

Patt and I send you our belated congratulations on your recent historic “40th Anniversary Class Reunion.”  Also our Christmas and New Year’s Greetings.  We really enjoy getting annual Christmas cards from so many of you.  Like us, some of you are already grandparents!

I had really hoped to be in town to see many of you at your reunion – but as usual, I was out of the country.  I especially wanted to be in town because 1969 was also the official beginning of “The New Directions” – originally the “Y Teen Caravan.”  Little could we have realized that what we thought was going to be a short hiatus in our lives at the YMCA would develop into a life-long ministry!  And because of people like Dell Bright, so much of our early ministry was focused at WHS – where each of my four children later graduated as “Bull Dogs.”

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