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January 08, 2009

Dear Friends,

Another great time was had by all at the annual New Directions get-together at Sam and Alesia Burnette’s on December 26th. With lots of food to feed way more than were there, we laughed and ate, and talked and ate, and sang and ate! Such fun!!  It was also wonderful to see the next generation in attendance.  3 or 4 are in the military, either presently enlisted or shortly going into three of the services—Army, Navy and Marines. That generation is having the first wedding on January 17th : David Fraser and Lisa Evans.  Can you believe we’re that old?!  There was plenty of relaxed time to visit with those we hadn’t seen since last year, and just enjoy being together.  For those who missed it, please plan to join us next year.  (I’m sure Sam and Alesia don’t mind me inviting more of y’all to come.)

With love, because He came,


Patt, for J.L. too, who is in Kathmandu, Nepal

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