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June 18, 2013

Pastor Hani Billan

   When Patt and I were recently in Israel, we had the joy of fellowshipping with Hani Billan, pastor of the Cana Baptist Church. We have been in partnership with him ever since our earlier trip when God sovereignly connected us together. The members of our Tour Groups have purchased new chairs like this one below for their new Worship Center on the third floor of their building.


   I stand with Pastor Hani in the picture on the left; and, on the right, Patt and I pose in the newly completed Worship Center with Pastor Hani, his wife and our tour group of the Bill Daniel Family (Bill is the former chairman of our NDI Board).

   What a joy it was to preach the Sunday Service at the Cana Baptist Church. This is a church of Arab Christians who live under great opposition from both the Muslim Arabs and Arabs from the Catholic and Orthodox Church. I could never have imagined that the Lord would allow me to preach in the same town where He performed His first miracle of turning the water into wine!  We are praying that God will continue that miraculous work in the hearts of Arabs in this part of the Holy Land.


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