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December 27, 2012

Dear Partners,

Thank you for your prayers to God for our nation, Mali, during this darkest crisis in its history. We encourage you to continue your prayers for us: that the Lord intervenes according to His will. Also, for our children – all of who have an attack of malaria. My wife was also sick and I continue with medical treatment. The Northern part of the country is occupied by armed bandits and terrorist groups of all kinds, especially al-Qaeda. They have imposed Sharia (Islamic law) resulting in stonings, amputations of the hands and feet of thieves, flogging and imprisonment for use of alcohol and smoking. They also destroy religious monuments, imprison women who do not wear full veil and rape women in prison before their release.

Currently, Northern Mali has become a haven for Islamic terrorists from around the world.  If nothing is done in the coming weeks and months, Mali will become another Afghanistan. African countries are willing to fight against the terrorists, but they are not well trained or well armed.

This has forced all Christians to move towards the south of Mali. We now have 54 families and 350 people living in Bamako.  When we arrived in the Capital, a Crisis Committee supported us and helped us with food, shelter, education of our children and medical care.  But that support has become less each week.  At this time, the Crisis Committee is not able to meet the needs of Christian refugees, in particular the costs of rent, health care, educational fees for our children, etc.

The following are photos from my department and some of the displaced Christians to help you better understand the situation of refugees.  Thanks you for your partnership and we are grateful for everything you have done for our family.  I am also thankful for the support JL & Patt have given for my on-going musical ministry among the Christian Refugees and other Moslem displaced people.

Thank You,
Pastor Mohamed Aly



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