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December 27, 2012


Dear Friends and Partners,

It is a joy and privilege for me to send you this newsletter about the Holy Palace Hospital.  It was founded by my good friend and partner, Dr. Suresh Rai. We have been in spiritual and medical partnership for many years.  I go there annually to teach and do what I can to enhance the hospital facilities. We are now at a crucial state of development that I need your help to complete. So please take a moment to read this email, which includes their quarterly report, and then help us financially as God leads and enables you.

For your further edification, the Holy Palace Hospital is a rural “bush hospital” in West Bengal, India.  Historically, this is one of the areas where political radicalism and Hindu fundamentalism have been very strong.  But through the holistic medical ministry of Dr. Suresh Rai among the poorest of the poor, God has been building His Kingdom.  The Lord has given Dr. Rai, his wife, Mary, and his medical staff the opportunity to serve many neglected and marganilized people -- mostly the low caste people working in the tea plantations in his area.  Through God's grace, they treat complicated medical cases in minimum facilities.  Most people come to this hospital in a hopeless condition.  80 percent of the poor patients are sick with multipathological problems.  Many are demonised.

As a result of recent donations to JLPF, they were able to replace the temporary "bamboo ceiling" in the hospital with plywood. In addition, funds have been sent to extend the “Boundary Wall” around the Hospital compound. This has been needed to make the patients and staff more safe and secure and to reduce theft.

JLPF hopes to soon raise and send $6,000 to replace the old rusty hospital roof with new non-fading metal. Over the past few years, we have painted and repainted the old roof to stop leaks and help beautify the building. Now we need to replace it completely. This will make the hospital more professional and hygienic and stop all leaking during the heavy monsoon rains.

We are also seeking to raise $5,000 to complete the Out Patient Clinic. This much-needed facility will make it possible for Dr. Rai and the nurses to see sick patients who do not need hospitalization.

We are especially asking our friends and partners with a heart for medical ministry to help us complete these building projects.  As a result, thousands of the poor in rural India will receive better medical and spiritual care for years to come.

Partnering with you for their spiritual and medical health,
Dr. J.L. & Patt Williams 


Dr. Rai teaches the nurses, who are being trained and mentored medically and spiritually; The nurses study for their final exam – three of the four, who come from Hindu-backgrounds, accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!

Student nurses, being trained at Holy Palace for hospital and rural health medicine, in their new dormitory funded by JLPF; One of the nursing staff takes blood pressure on a patient

J.L. teaches the nurses and staff on one of his annual visits; Dr. Rai and Dr. Keith Thompson (J.L.'s brother-in-law) make rounds together on one of his yearly two-week-long visits to Holy Palace for medical ministry

Dr. Rai works closely with the Gideons in distributing Bibles to their patients and local villagers in this Hindu dominated region - Dr. Rai shares God's Word with a patient in one of the several private patient homes on the campus; Hannah Thompson (J.L.'s sister) teaches the nurses and staff during morning devotionals - Mary Rai (Dr. Rai's wife) translates for her

A Holy Palace Medical Team visits one of eight villages each Wednesday to provide free medical treatment and to educate villagers about basic health, TB, AIDS, hygiene and mother and child health – they also take the opportunity to give spiritual counseling; This 13 year-old boy was paralyzed for seven years.  Eminent neurologists could not effectively treat him.  Three months after Dr. Rai’s team prayed and gave him multivitamins, he could walk – praise God!

Doctor friends of JLPF, recently gave funds to cover the installation of this new fire safety system, required by the government.

Dr. Rai stands beside the foundation for the new Out Patient Clinic we hope to soon fund for $5,000; Because of age and rust, the hospital roof leaks badly when it rains - JLPF is seeking partnership for $6,000 to replace this entire roof with new non-rusting metal

Dr. Rai and J.L. with nurses and students in one of the several new "drip irrigation gardens" that helps them grow their own organic food; Two students work together to plant healthy food for Holy Palace


One of the women hopes to teach self-reliance to the deprived among the region through manufacturing various greeting cards



At first, the school had a difficult time growing because of misconceptions.  For a few weeks there was low attendance, so they asked God for a solution.  Through patience, humbleness and determination, plans were implemented to sort out the issues.  A parent meeting was one way the Gospel was indirectly preached and parents saw benefits of allowing their children to participate in the programs.  Now, most of the Sandhya (early evening) School children are growing in the Lord as they are taught Bible stories and songs with their school lessons.  Bikmat Children Development Centre, which serves in a small village with 2% Christians, ranked first and third in the Bible Quiz Competition from I John and Ephesians – through tearful prayers, this region is being transformed.  Even some of the parents stay during student Bible lessons and make prayer requests.  The school is also getting attention from local jurisdiction and dignified leaders.  Their report states, "As we seek His mercies in our daily life, His mercy and His divine protection always protects us from the valleys of the death and gives light in the darkest hours through wisdom."


Dr. Rai and his wife, Mary visit Himachal Pradesh, a state where .13% of the 6.5 million people are Christians, to share the love of Christ and encourage brothers and sisters in Christ.  They were amazed to see this "dream land": God's art, a symbol of LOVE for mankind

The Gospel program at Khal line village; The House now fellowships twice a week

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