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January 04, 2013

JL & Patt, It was a brilliant move of the Lord to involve MegaVoice in this year's "Christmas Basket Project" as a result of our visit there with you and your Tour Group in November.   The "Story Teller" in Arabic that we included in the Baskets has ten hours of playing time, and the device can be reprogrammed with other things. That gives opportunity to build a whole children's program on the Story Teller. Imagine the potential to expand children's Bible studies and lessons through Mega Voice!  

Shmu and I made the trip to Cana to deliver Pastor Hani and his wife Shifa their "Christmas Baskets."  They were so sweet.  Hani seemed to almost be in unbelief when I called him about giving him ones to give out.  It was so fun to go to Cana with Shmu.  At first, he was a little hesitant to be going to an Arab village because of the recent war, but since I go to Cana all the time, it seemed totally natural for me.  Granted the recent war did cause a bit of tension in the area.  Remember when we visited Cana, the war hadn't broken out yet!  Shifa came out to meet us and gave us a hug. Shmu melted and got really excited. We sat in their living room and got acquainted. We told them our whole story and they told us theirs – all in Hebrew.  We had Arabic coffee and Christmas cake. 

We got to see the upstairs. They have added more dry wall since you were there. He said his main needs right now were chairs and the sound system.  We brought enough "Christmas Baskets" for just about every family in the church.  Hani was thrilled!  They kept them a surprise and then gave them out at their special Christmas concert Thursday before Christmas. What's great about this is that Hani can take the "Story Teller" devices and program more material for the kids. They also remarked about the other things in the basket and loved the book of 101 Bible stories. We went away really happy feeling that, for the first time in all the years that we have been doing this, we had some positive feed back.

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