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October 08, 2012


It’s our immense joy and pleasure to request your kind and spiritual presence through effective prayers to join with us to thank God, praise Him and glorify Him on Saturday, the 29th of September 2012.  It’s the day of celebrating Sarita's Silver Jubilee -- 25 years of HIS service.  From the 29th of September 1987, our mother Sarita, by faith, started her full time ministry/service to the Lord, as the Lord called her with HIS provisional plan and envision to serve Him faithfully with immediate and full obedience for HIS call and great commandment.

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March 06, 2012

Sarita Pradhan is the Founder and Director of the Bethany Children’s Home in Jaigaon, India.  J.L. first met her over 15 years ago when he was ministering among Bhutanese Refugees in East Nepal.  Because of her love for children, he helped her expand her small home for orphans from Bhutan, who are not officially acknowledged or recognized in their country. 

Through generous gifts of partners of JLPF, BCH was able to recently build an extension on their new Kitchen, which is almost completed.  A new Solar Hot Water Heater has also been successfully installed.  which is very timely since it is currently winter in India.  This heater allows everyone to take warm baths and has lowered LPG gas consumption, allowing for faster cooking. 

They have also planted a small Drip Irrigation Garden provided by JLPF.  Now the children are enjoying fresh, chemical-free, green vegetables.  J.L. and Patt will be visiting them during March. Our next and final project at the BCH will be to build a new two-story dormitory for the children

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