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April 20, 2012

Dear Friends & Partners…I just received this email this morning from Pastor Nouh of Timbuktu.  I also talked to him yesterday by phone from Atlanta, Georgia, where he had just safely arrived to be with his son for a visit.  He hopes to soon return to Mali.  But please note this latest email from him and continue to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Mali – but especially in Timbuktu.  As you can see from his email, his Baptist Church is especially under attack as the first and oldest Christian church in the city.  I have pictured Pastor Nouh and Fati above, along with a picture of the Baptist Church and Compound after my conference this past September.  This will help you visualize where the carnage is taking place by the rebels and radicals…JL

Dear friends and partners in Christ,

The city of Timbuktu is still under the control of the rebels.  While all churches: Catholic, Baptist, Assembly of God and New Life Mission have been visited, only the Baptist Church continues to see their looters coming to plunder all goods at the church yard. The last one is “Samaritan Purse” ministry of “Christmas Gifts” – 300 big boxes for Baptist and Assembly of God ministries that arrived the same day of Timbuktu attack and were just unloaded from the truck to the storage room.  They are the ones that they are planning to take out by tomorrow.  So Timbuktu is yet under hot issues of rebels.

Meanwhile, the city of Timbuktu is planning today after Friday Mosque to have a protest denouncing the rebels presence in Timbuktu and to ask them living the city.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers and support in Christ

Pasteur Nouh Ag Infa YATTARA

Eglise Evangelique Baptiste

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April 17, 2012

Dear Mali Intercessors,

I just received several timely emails from our 3 primary partners in Mali, Pastor Nouh Yattara, Professor Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara and Pastor Mohamed Ali.  Each one shared about their needs in Bamako now where they have become refugees in their own country.  Several of our friends here e-mailed me and asked for a specific list of 'priority needs' to pray about and give for.  So Professor Mohamed sent me this list below.  Prayerfully consider it and give to any of the areas that the Lord directs your heart toward.  Or just make a general gift that they can use as needed.  Thanks for loving and giving.  And know that we honor 100% designation of your gift.

I have added pictures of our past visits with these strategic brothers and their wives.  Thanks for your continued spiritual and financial support of them and to the other “Christian refugees” with them…JL & Patt

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JL & Pastor Nouh in Timbuktu, September 2012

Dear Friends & Partners of JLPF,

I could never have realized this past September when I held a Conference in the historic City of Timbuktu, Mali, that it would probably be my last trip there!  In the past decade, I have traveled to Timbuktu a number of times to hold Leadership Conferences for pastors and Christian workers.  Patt also  joined me on one of the trips to minister to wives and women (you can see reports from those trips on our web site). 

As the fourth holiest city to Islam (after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem), we always knew that Timbuktu held great significance to Moslems worldwide.  We also knew that through the influence of Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, that radical Islam was increasing its presence in and around Timbuktu.  Further, we knew that if the city did fall under the sway of the Islamist, that our dear friend and partner, Pastor Nouh Yattara, would be in grave danger.  That's because when he was a young boy, he was perhaps the first known believer in Jesus Christ in Timbuktu

Later Nouh grew up to become a pastor and plant the first Christian Church in this ancient City -- the 'Evangelical Baptist Church.'  With his wife, Fati, he faithfully built a strong church of MBBs (Muslim Background Believers).  He also initiated and directed a number of practical ministries of compassion to the many poor living in and around Timbuktu – especially women and children.  He also ministered to the "Belt of Misery" of nomadic refugee people who encircled the City and meagerly lived off of the Sahara Desert.  As one who grew up in Islam, he became a great scholar and apologist about his former religion – especially the "Folk Islam" that was so strong in that region. 

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