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March 12, 2012

Holy Palace Hospital

Naxalbara, West Bengal, India

Dr. Suresh Rai


The Holy Palace Hospital is a rural “bush hospital” in West Bengal, India.  Historically, this is one of the areas where political radicalism and Hindu fundamentalism have been strong.  But through the holistic medical ministry of Dr. S.S. Rai among the poorest of the poor, God has been building His King-dom.  As a result of generous donations to JLPF, they were able to replace the temporary "bamboo ceiling" in the hospital with plywood.  In addition, funds have been sent to extend the “Boundary Wall.”   This has been needed to make the patients and staff more safe and secure and to reduce theft.  JLPF hopes to soon raise and send funds to re-roof the hospital and complete the Out Patient Clinic.

Bricks That Will Be Used To Construct The Boundary Wall

Construction Of The New Ceiling

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Pack mules for Jesus!

Dear Friends & Partners,

When you receive this email, Patt and I will be on the first leg of our long flight to Asia for two weeks of ministry.  So please begin praying NOW for this latest mission journey.  Here is our basic schedule so you can pray with us through our time with each partner and project…

•  March 12: Fly from RDU to Delhi, India
•  March 13: Visit Pastor Bharat & Tabitha Tamang at Anagurah Church & Children's Home and spend night with children
•  March 14: Fly from Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal
•  March 14 - 17: Ministry with Pala & Yacob Tshering and stay at Champa Choeling Children's Home
•  March 17: Fly to East Nepal and cross border to India for ministry with Dr. SS Rai & Mary at Holy Palace Hospital
•  March 18: Drive to Bhutan border to visit Bethany Children's Home and spend night with children
•  March 19: Drive back to Holy Palace Hospital and spend night in Hospital Guest House
•  March 20: Fly to Chennai via Calcutta for ministry with Bishop Ezra Sargunam and the Evangelical Church of India (ECI)
•  March 22: Fly to Coimbatore for ministry with Murli & Usha Menon at their Bible College and children's homes
•  March 24: Fly from Coimbatore to Mumbai to RDU
•  March 25: Arrive back home and check back into the "Williams' Motel!"

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January 05, 2012

Dear JL, 

Christmas of 2011 is over now and God has given us another New Year.  But one thing did not go away from my mind:  "What am I giving to the Lord as gift who sent His only Son?"  Am I am giving or offering a worthy gift this Christmas?  

I have been trying to immerse  myself in the depth of what ought to be offered as a worthy gift to the Lord who indeed sent His only Son for us.  While pondering on the topic of this matter, I read an interesting things about the Wright Brothers,  "In December 1903, after many attempts, the Wright brothers were successful in getting their "flying machine" off the ground. Thrilled, they telegraphed this message to their sister Katherine: "We have actually flown 120 feet. Will be home for Christmas." Katherine hurried to the editor of the local newspaper and showed him the message. He glanced at it and said, "How nice. The boys will be home for Christmas." He totally missed the big news--man had flown 120 feet."  Here in the news, the editor missed a real achievement of the Wright Brothers -- that they had indeed flown 120 feet off the ground. 

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November 07, 2011

Following is an update from Anuhraha Children's Home:

Dear Sir,

Greetings and love to you. Glad to know  you have  came back safe and had a wonderful ministry in Africa, we have been praying for you. We are also doing fine, and children's are also doing well.  Presently they are having their  1st term exam, they have  started their exam on the 19th September, so quite busy with them at the moment. But thank you so much for always covering us in your prayers specially the children's, as they are doing well in their studies, in their class test etc. bringing very good result always in their class test. So i am happy they are getting use to the school and the studies. Please continue to pray for them as their  exam will over  30th of this month. so i will be busy with them for  a while. And also appreciate your precious financial support, which helped us to buy their books, stationaries, school bags etc. and one month food supplies  we could have it. Thank you so much. 

About the triple decker beds, i had already updated to Melinda about it, i think she was busy so she couldn't be in touch with you. The first shop where we gave the bed to made it was useless guy and he took long time to get it done the work, telling us various region's. But he still could not do it his work properly and on time so having lost my faith in him , we changed the shop where it's getting ready so should be with us within end of  next week, and this time Sanjeev is examining his work very closely. Then i shall  send you the pictures of the beds with the children. Sorry to delay it, Sanjeev is hassling him continually to finished his work, as soon its done will let you know thank you. 

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