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July 25, 2012

Dear Brethren's 

In Christ hope all of you are doing well and that's what we hope and pray for you day and night.  It's my privilege to share with you all about the Children Home ministry in Delhi  called "Anugrah Children Home".  Without God's grace and  your prayers for these children and as well as  your generous financial support this could not have  been possible for me to do alone.  So we would like to thank the God almighty who have send us wonderful sponsors like you because of you these children have smile in their face and a hope of better future tomorrow.  And also we would like to send a prayer request to each and everyone of you please kindly pray for the room extension project it's a long term awaited project and we hope and pray that God will hear our prayers and provide us with our need.

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April 17, 2012

Youth Easter Baptisms

JLPF Partner, Pastor Bharat Tamang, works among the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis living in the slums of the capital city of New Delhi, India.  He is the founder and pastor of the Anugraha Church.  God has blessed him with the gifts of evangelism and healing.  He just updated JLPF with the exciting news that five youths were baptized on Easter Sunday.  Please pray for these young people as they strive to share the knowledge of Christ wherever they go.








Profile for  All updates for Bharat & Tabitha Tamang

March 05, 2012

JLPF provided partner, Tabitha Tamang, Founder and Director of the "Anugraha Children's Home" in Delhi, India, with pants, sweaters and coats to keep Nepali children warm this winter. She is the daughter of Pastor Bharat Tamang, a close friend and partner of ours who ministers among the more than 500,000 Nepali Diaspora living and working in Delhi - most all of whom live in deplorable slums.

Tabitha recently updated JLPF with the exciting news that all of the children passed their quarterly exams with 94% marks!  All of the children are making great progress in school!  Ajay is able to recite four lines in English with no mistakes!  Also, the children’s teachers have asked them to lead the general morning assembly in the school.  And On Sunday February 26, 2012, the children participated in the Annual Day of Function.  This is a day when the school, colleges and universities gather to display their talents.

Please prayerfully consider supporting one of these children with a $25 monthly gift.
"Anyone who is among the living has hope" (Ecc. 9:4a)

Below are some recent pictures:

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