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January 29, 2013
January 04, 2013

Dear Beloved Uncle JL, Aunty Patt & Everyone,

Loving greetings in HIS flowing grace and love! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with all of your families and friends in the spirit of the Magi!  We had a great time with the children celebrating the birthday of Jesus followed by a love feast ("Christmas party"). Thank you so much for funding the Christmas party! We are also thankful to NDI because they also gave funds for a Christmas party for the children. Thanks very much for your continued support both financially and spiritually. God bless you and prosper you more abundantly as we continue to pray for you all.

With much prayers,

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Thank you so much for the christmas donation. The children were so happy to receive all the gifts – their new school bags, cars, dolls, and pairs of clothing : ) They also ate a wonderful meal of "fish curry" and some special Christmas cake – their favorite meal. Everyone loved their Christmas gifts, including the staff: Sanjay, Junita and Sanjeev. I gave them Christmas gifts also – so all were very, very happy. Thank you for making their Christmas happy and blessed.   : )

Thank you so much to every one of you.
- Tabitha

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JL & Patt, It was a brilliant move of the Lord to involve MegaVoice in this year's "Christmas Basket Project" as a result of our visit there with you and your Tour Group in November.   The "Story Teller" in Arabic that we included in the Baskets has ten hours of playing time, and the device can be reprogrammed with other things. That gives opportunity to build a whole children's program on the Story Teller. Imagine the potential to expand children's Bible studies and lessons through Mega Voice!  

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