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December 27, 2012


Dear Friends and Partners,

It is a joy and privilege for me to send you this newsletter about the Holy Palace Hospital.  It was founded by my good friend and partner, Dr. Suresh Rai. We have been in spiritual and medical partnership for many years.  I go there annually to teach and do what I can to enhance the hospital facilities. We are now at a crucial state of development that I need your help to complete. So please take a moment to read this email, which includes their quarterly report, and then help us financially as God leads and enables you.

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Dear Partners,

Thank you for your prayers to God for our nation, Mali, during this darkest crisis in its history. We encourage you to continue your prayers for us: that the Lord intervenes according to His will. Also, for our children – all of who have an attack of malaria. My wife was also sick and I continue with medical treatment. The Northern part of the country is occupied by armed bandits and terrorist groups of all kinds, especially al-Qaeda. They have imposed Sharia (Islamic law) resulting in stonings, amputations of the hands and feet of thieves, flogging and imprisonment for use of alcohol and smoking. They also destroy religious monuments, imprison women who do not wear full veil and rape women in prison before their release.

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December 19, 2012

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December 04, 2012

Johny Rai, son of Mary and Dr. S.S. Rai, our partners from West Bengal, reports on a wonderful outreach to students.  He took a busload of children to nearby Siliguri for a concert entitled, “Praise God”.  Two contemporary bands were present.  One was a local band lead by Johny called “The Lyricals” and the other was from Kathmandu, Nepal, called “Hepzibah.”  That one is lead by Benjamin Pradhan, the second son of Eliya and Jyoti Pradhan who are long time friends of ours.  Judging from the pictures, the response was very positive and souls were impacted for the Kingdom through the outreach of these young men.

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