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May 16, 2012

My partner of over 3 decades, Yaw Asante, just sent me his latest prayer letter.  It is about the upcoming elections in his country of Ghana, West Africa.  As you read it, you will see a number of obvious parallels between their current election cycle and ours here in America.  Both countries profess a majority Christian citizenry.  However, the spiritual impact of God's people as "salt" and "light" is not proportional to our numbers -- in America or Africa! As Yaw points out, the depth of discipleship seems to be the problem.  While there is a strong profession of faith in Christ, worldly values seem to dominate Christians and non-Christians alike.  Sadly, polls in America right now indicate that the economy is more important to Americans than social issues -- like "homosexual rights" and "same sex marriage."  That means that money is more important than morality!  As long as the economy improves, we seem not to care if the society degenerates!  Yaw's letter shows that people are the same worldwide…JL

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May 06, 2012

Click on the link for the April 2012 Newsletter from Rajan Fernando in Sri Lanka.

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May 03, 2012

Greetings to all,

  • These past two weeks have been very busy with meeting, moving, counseling the refugees. Last week, Pastor Alhousseiny Coulibaly from Goundam made it safely to Segou. He is expected tomorrow to the camp with his wife and child.
  •  We had several meetings on how to mobilize and energize the Crisis Comission so to serve in better ways our refugees. Among the many visitors we welcomed, the General Secretary of the Alliance of Evangelicals in Africa was a highlight. He came on Saturday, April 28 to encourage and pray with the refugees. See pictures of meetings.


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