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March 12, 2012

Holy Palace Hospital

Naxalbara, West Bengal, India

Dr. Suresh Rai


The Holy Palace Hospital is a rural “bush hospital” in West Bengal, India.  Historically, this is one of the areas where political radicalism and Hindu fundamentalism have been strong.  But through the holistic medical ministry of Dr. S.S. Rai among the poorest of the poor, God has been building His King-dom.  As a result of generous donations to JLPF, they were able to replace the temporary "bamboo ceiling" in the hospital with plywood.  In addition, funds have been sent to extend the “Boundary Wall.”   This has been needed to make the patients and staff more safe and secure and to reduce theft.  JLPF hopes to soon raise and send funds to re-roof the hospital and complete the Out Patient Clinic.

Bricks That Will Be Used To Construct The Boundary Wall

Construction Of The New Ceiling

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Pack mules for Jesus!

Dear Friends & Partners,

When you receive this email, Patt and I will be on the first leg of our long flight to Asia for two weeks of ministry.  So please begin praying NOW for this latest mission journey.  Here is our basic schedule so you can pray with us through our time with each partner and project…

•  March 12: Fly from RDU to Delhi, India
•  March 13: Visit Pastor Bharat & Tabitha Tamang at Anagurah Church & Children's Home and spend night with children
•  March 14: Fly from Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal
•  March 14 - 17: Ministry with Pala & Yacob Tshering and stay at Champa Choeling Children's Home
•  March 17: Fly to East Nepal and cross border to India for ministry with Dr. SS Rai & Mary at Holy Palace Hospital
•  March 18: Drive to Bhutan border to visit Bethany Children's Home and spend night with children
•  March 19: Drive back to Holy Palace Hospital and spend night in Hospital Guest House
•  March 20: Fly to Chennai via Calcutta for ministry with Bishop Ezra Sargunam and the Evangelical Church of India (ECI)
•  March 22: Fly to Coimbatore for ministry with Murli & Usha Menon at their Bible College and children's homes
•  March 24: Fly from Coimbatore to Mumbai to RDU
•  March 25: Arrive back home and check back into the "Williams' Motel!"

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March 06, 2012

Sarita Pradhan is the Founder and Director of the Bethany Children’s Home in Jaigaon, India.  J.L. first met her over 15 years ago when he was ministering among Bhutanese Refugees in East Nepal.  Because of her love for children, he helped her expand her small home for orphans from Bhutan, who are not officially acknowledged or recognized in their country. 

Through generous gifts of partners of JLPF, BCH was able to recently build an extension on their new Kitchen, which is almost completed.  A new Solar Hot Water Heater has also been successfully installed.  which is very timely since it is currently winter in India.  This heater allows everyone to take warm baths and has lowered LPG gas consumption, allowing for faster cooking. 

They have also planted a small Drip Irrigation Garden provided by JLPF.  Now the children are enjoying fresh, chemical-free, green vegetables.  J.L. and Patt will be visiting them during March. Our next and final project at the BCH will be to build a new two-story dormitory for the children

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March 05, 2012

JLPF provided partner, Tabitha Tamang, Founder and Director of the "Anugraha Children's Home" in Delhi, India, with pants, sweaters and coats to keep Nepali children warm this winter. She is the daughter of Pastor Bharat Tamang, a close friend and partner of ours who ministers among the more than 500,000 Nepali Diaspora living and working in Delhi - most all of whom live in deplorable slums.

Tabitha recently updated JLPF with the exciting news that all of the children passed their quarterly exams with 94% marks!  All of the children are making great progress in school!  Ajay is able to recite four lines in English with no mistakes!  Also, the children’s teachers have asked them to lead the general morning assembly in the school.  And On Sunday February 26, 2012, the children participated in the Annual Day of Function.  This is a day when the school, colleges and universities gather to display their talents.

Please prayerfully consider supporting one of these children with a $25 monthly gift.
"Anyone who is among the living has hope" (Ecc. 9:4a)

Below are some recent pictures:

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