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January 18, 2011

My dearest brothers and sisters at NDI,

Greetings and Jayamasiha from EBCO.

I am so sorry for being too late to write down on the Sherpa Church dedication. The church is now with the roof and dedicated on 22nd of December with some furnishing work left. While the Full finishing was not completed the church members wanted to dedicate the building so that they could celebrate their Christmas in the new building. Therefore the building was dedicated on 22nd of December. But due to the Christmas preparation I was not able to write on time and on the other hand right after the Christmas I started church visits to different villages and districts.

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Profile for Asia: Nepal - Gyan Sunuwar  All updates for Gyan and Dinesh Sunuwar

January 08, 2011

When I was extended an invitation 8 months ago to attend the Christmas program, I did not know that they have planned to honor me by inviting one of the most influential  lady member of parliament from their area.  Surprisingly, I did not know even before an hour that they have such a plan.  Below in the picture you can see a founder member and senior Elder of the Padampokhari Church put the shawl in my shoulders as token of honor and appreciation.  I was deeply moved and missed your presence with me in that historic Christmas outreach gathering.  As I basically shared in my last email, I only played a small roll in what God has done to bless the nation of Nepal through your life and partnership over the past years.  JL, I do not how to describe all these, thank you so much for taking this little man along with you.  I really would like to thank YOU and PATT and all the Williams family MEMBERS for loving me and holding my hands so firmly through thick and thin.  Had it not been a long standing partnership with you, all these would not happen today.

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Profile for Asia: Nepal - Hanok Tamang  All updates for Hanok Tamang

January 01, 2011
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