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Asia: India - Bharat Tamang

Bharat Tamang

Pastor Bharat was first introduced to JL through the ministry of Hanok Tamang in Kathmandu, Nepal, when he was attending a Pastor's Conference where JL was speaking. He was a Nepali working among the hundreds of thousands of Nepalis living in the slums of the capital city of Delhi, India. On future visits to Delhi, JL visited the growing work of Pastor Bharat and his daughter, Tabitha.

Their work had grown to the degree that they needed their own church building rather than rented rooms.  So through stateside partners, funds were raised to build a beautiful Nepali church outside Delhi.  In addition to personal monthly support for Pastor Bharat and Tabitha, JL helped fund various ministry tools like motor scooters, computers, VCR machines and TVs for evangelism.  JL continues to stop off for ministry and mentoring with Pastor Bharat and Tabitha each year, as does J.L.‘s sister and brother-in-law, Dr. Keith and Hannah Thompson.