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Africa: Zimbabwe - Godfrey Mkolo

Godfrey Mkolo

Since Godfrey is the son of Pastor Simon Mkolo, long time friend and partner of JL's, it is obvious that J.L. and Godfrey became friends. As JL ministered with Simon, he saw that Godfrey had Simon's same heart and passion for ministry -- but to the next generation. So JL started a mentoring relationship with Godfrey. He had two gifts and interests that JL was especially attracted to: music and sports.

Godfrey had started a ministry to support his father called Shekinah Worship Ministry.  It was a special ministry devoted to prayer, praise and worship through music.  He also had a love for sports.  As a result, JL sponsored him to go to Kanakuk Kamps for further exposure and experience in Christian Camping Ministry.  As a result, he now sponsors annual “Music Conferences” and “Sports’ Competitions” as an outreach to the youth.  JL is working with Godfrey to develop a sports’ component and camp at the Conference Center where the Ebenezer Bible College is located.  Another wholistic ministry reaching the spirit, soul and body of young people!