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Africa: Togo - Komivi Abiyoe

Komivi Abiyoe

Komivi has been a friend and partner of JL and Patt's for almost 15 years.  God first intersected their lives at the Billy Graham Conference for Itinerate Evangelists in Amsterdam 2000. But a closer connection occurred at a Pastor's Conference in Ghana that JL was conducting for local leaders from Ghana and surrounding West African countries.

Komivi came from Togo to be taught the Word and mentored in his young faith.  In the following years he returned with his wife to this annual Leadership Conference.  As a result, NDI and JL and Patt have partnered with him in the development of his ministry in Togo.  

Although Komivi is a schoolteacher, he is very active in Scripture Union activities throughout the year. He participates in summer youth camps, Christmas programs, and the giving of food packages to the widows and orphans in the villages. He has also distributed New Testaments and helped to organize pastor's evangelism campaigns in rural areas. He is very industrious, having completed an intense course in poultry raising with additional plans to begin an agricultural project.

Through the generous gift of one of our US partners, funds were given recently to relocate him from a dangerous and unhealthy area of Lome to a safer place outside the city and to a new home. He and his wife Mokpokpo (which means Hope), have 3 children: a daughter, Lydia-Patt, and two sons Kaleb and Yedidia.  They also have a watchdog named Jack!

Thank you for your prayers for Komivi and the work to which God has called him, because he is truly worthy of our partnership. Also, pray for him and his family to stay healthy, as there is malaria in the part of Togo where they live and work.