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October 31, 2011

Dear ND Alumni,

Loving greetings in Christ to each of you!  I just got home last night from Sudan and Ethiopia and leave a week from today for India and Nepal.  Then in December I have one more trip to Kenya -- which will end my year of travel.  So I am really enjoying my laid-back-slowed-down-easy-going-retirement!  NOT!  So thanks for your prayers during this past year of travel and ministry!  My schedule has been just like some of our old "ND Tours" -- packed to the gills!  

I am shooting this quick email to EVERYONE we have on our ND Alumni Email List as a follow-up to my most recent email to you.  As a result of that last mailing, Patt and I have gotten some encouraging responses.  Some had apparently not gotten my earlier emails and letters about this…some had procrastinated…others had thought it was too late to respond!  Regardless, I hope that any of you who have still not responded will do so ASAP.  To that end, I hope you will send us your latest "family picture" to post with your memories -- just like this great one from Steve "Fuji" Allen, who was in the original NDs!

So please follow his example and get us your memories ASAP!  

Thanks…JL & Patt

PS:  As many of you know, I will turn the "Big 70" this year!  So by God's grace I am moving toward the "4 score and 10" the Bible talks about (Ps. 90:10). So if any of you are in town on Dec. 31st, Patt and I would love to have you drop by to help me celebrate!  To that end, I am attaching the invitation below.


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