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October 31, 2011

Dear ND Alumni,

Loving greetings in Christ to each of you!  I just got home last night from Sudan and Ethiopia and leave a week from today for India and Nepal.  Then in December I have one more trip to Kenya -- which will end my year of travel.  So I am really enjoying my laid-back-slowed-down-easy-going-retirement!  NOT!  So thanks for your prayers during this past year of travel and ministry!  My schedule has been just like some of our old "ND Tours" -- packed to the gills!  

I am shooting this quick email to EVERYONE we have on our ND Alumni Email List as a follow-up to my most recent email to you.  As a result of that last mailing, Patt and I have gotten some encouraging responses.  Some had apparently not gotten my earlier emails and letters about this…some had procrastinated…others had thought it was too late to respond!  Regardless, I hope that any of you who have still not responded will do so ASAP.  To that end, I hope you will send us your latest "family picture" to post with your memories -- just like this great one from Steve "Fuji" Allen, who was in the original NDs!

So please follow his example and get us your memories ASAP!  

Thanks…JL & Patt

PS:  As many of you know, I will turn the "Big 70" this year!  So by God's grace I am moving toward the "4 score and 10" the Bible talks about (Ps. 90:10). So if any of you are in town on Dec. 31st, Patt and I would love to have you drop by to help me celebrate!  To that end, I am attaching the invitation below.


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October 10, 2011

Dear NDs...Loving greetings in Christ again to each of you from Patt and me.  We trust you have had a blessed summer and are now into a full and fruitful Fall.  And as the 'leaves are falling,' I need many of you to 'turn over a new leaf' and send us your 'Alumni Response Form!  As you know from my earlier emails and letter, we are hoping to publish a ND History Book around my "70th Birthday" on Dec. 31st.  So we need ALL of you to respond.  Since I know everyone has had busy summers, we have extended our deadline on this until Nov. 1st.  So PLEASE get us your response ASAP.  Also any recent family picture to print with your story.

In His Faithful Love,


PS:  In case you lost them, I have attached my earlier letter and the form again for you to open...fill out...return ASAP.

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