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May 03, 2012

Greetings to all,

  • These past two weeks have been very busy with meeting, moving, counseling the refugees. Last week, Pastor Alhousseiny Coulibaly from Goundam made it safely to Segou. He is expected tomorrow to the camp with his wife and child.
  •  We had several meetings on how to mobilize and energize the Crisis Comission so to serve in better ways our refugees. Among the many visitors we welcomed, the General Secretary of the Alliance of Evangelicals in Africa was a highlight. He came on Saturday, April 28 to encourage and pray with the refugees. See pictures of meetings.

  • On Monday morning April 30, we had a general assembly of all the refugees’ leaders to pray and discuss issues pertaining to our respective ministries. What can we do and should do while we are here.
  • On Monday afternoon we were able to move to a new site all the refugees staying in Campus Crusade guesthouse. The rent was very expensive but the new site was given for free. Thirteen families moved to the site.
  • We have now six sites for the refugees. Four are rented houses and two are given free.
  •  Early on Monday, before our general assembly and before moving we had a baby dedication. The baby girl born to Alfaki and Zeinabou was named Rebecca. It was a great time of celebration.
  • We have actually 229 people on our sites.
  • On Tuesday afternoon, we had a worship service on the new site. We praised God for His goodness and provision. Many were sick with malaria but by God’s grace they are all improving.
  • Pray for the country situation. On the night of April 30 to May 1, around 6:30 PM we were in shock when we heard the sound of automatic and heavy weapons.  The Red Berets, the former presidential guard took up arms to attack the garrison town of Kati, Bamako International Airport and the headquarters of state television. All these three places were occupied and controlled by the Green Berets in favor of the military junta.  There was a widespread panic in the city. I was caught in the most dangerous traffic of my life.  I was just coming from the worship service on the new site (15kms away from the Evangelical Baptist Mission [EBM] missionary station). But by God’s grace we made it safely home.  Heavy fighting has continued almost all night by the sporadic firing of heavy machinery and automatic weapons which could be heard crackling several miles around. We were reminded of the events and attacks in Gao and Timbuktu. Yesterday, the military junta said to have foiled an attempt to destabilize the process of returning to a normal constitutional order in the country. They showed pictures of soldiers apparently captured and an impressive military arsenal consisting of automatic weapons and grenades.  Pastor David Douyon who was staying close to the military camp has reported a big number of military and civilian victims. Today, we were able to go about our work. There is a relative calm. School is cancelled till next week and people are asked to be careful and cautious. Please pray for our country. After we have fled our homes and land, we realize again more profoundly that the safer place is in God’s hands.
  •  On Wednesday noon, the guard of the EBM missionary station, Moussa Sagara was promoted to glory. Please pray for Mussa Sagara’s family.  He leaves behind a widow and a young child.
  •  My family and I are doing well. We were told this week that the rebels visited two times our house and also my associate, Cindy’s house. I instructed Cindy’s guard to move what he can of Cindy’s belongings to Mohamed Alhousseiny’s house. My neighbor is moving today what he can from my house. The crisis is growing. What worries us the most is that AL Qaeda fighters are now indoctrinating many young people and have opened military training camps. They do the same in Timbuktu. According to our contacts, Christian homes and offices are targeted in all our cities.
  •  I have a full schedule in May with several meetings, speaking and teaching engagements. Starting on May 5, I will be preaching at the wedding of Benjamin Thera and Nathalie Keita in Bancoumana. Benjamin is the first IBB graduate in 1991.  He really needs your prayers. Starting on Monday 7 and for a month I will be teaching a course on Christian Ethics at the national Seminary called FATMES (Evangelical Seminary of Theology and Missiology of Sahel).  On May 27 I will lecture on Youth and Sexuality to the evangelical youth of Bamako.
  •  Please continue to pray for the 36 families made of 235 souls88 children, 69 women and 78 men.

Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara

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