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April 23, 2012

Greetings prayer partners,

  1. Today April 21, the refugees camp experienced the first  child birth and death.  Early this morning one of our couples lost their baby.  He was stillborn. As I was asked to pray at the cemetery in front of tearful family and friends, my heart started pounding.  I realized more than ever before my own mortality and the brevity of life.  I was reminded that time is fleeing and more than before we have to labor as hard as we can, to proclaim the Gospel of life.  I did pray with a pious thought for relatives, neighbors and friends I left in Gao without hope about their spiritual life. The refugees camp continue to grow.  We are now 209 people and all the children from first to 12th grade started school.  We are working on the list for those who will attend professional schools.
  1. In the midst of sorrow and hardship, we can celebrate our Lord and Savior.  Churches under the umbrella of the Association of Evangelical and Protestant Churches and Missions of Mali are mobilized to help and support the refugees from the North.  On Sunday, April 22 from 5 to 7PM, the youth of the churches are organizing a big concert to pray and collect funds.  I request your prayers as I will be addressing these young people.  On April 23 a nation wide chain of prayers will start and will culminate on May 27 as a National Day of Prayer in the big stadium of Bamako.  Please join the saints of Mali as they are praying for our country and its future.
  1. Most believers in Gao and Timbuktu made it out of these places.  We still have three families in Gao.  Two families were able to leave town this week.  They need your prayers.  They are afraid of what is happening but wanted to stay.  For now we don't now how to help them except by sending phone cards so they can call and stay in touch.
  1. In Timbuktu, Al Qaeda fighters and looters are sacking the people, entering into houses asking for non-Muslims.  After they looted the church, the radio station, the guesthouse, the women and men center; they protected and secured for themselves the Samaritan Purse Christmas boxes.  They counted the boxes and forbade the other looters to touch them.  It's their special booty.
  1. Please continue to pray as we have now a new prime minister. He needs wisdom on how to deal with the partition of the country, the political and religious situations.

  1. We praise God for His protection and provision. Today a baby girl was born in the camp.  Last night at the end of the musical concert I was asked to drive the pregnant lady at the hospital. She was in labor all night and gave birth to a beautiful baby around noon today.
  2. We praise God for a good time of concert of praise. The youth massiveley responsed to the call. They brought clothes, money and all kinds of items to the refugees. We collected almost $1,500 for the refugees
  3. After the concert, some police officers send by their hierarchy told us to be very careful and avoid big gatherings and crowds because some Al Qaeda and Boko Haram fighters have infiltred the city. 15 fighters were arrested yesterday here in Bamako.  We were also told not to let people we don't know visit with people in the camp. We need to be very careful when we gather.
  4. On Sunday, just after the worship service we were still at church when the son of the Bible Institute guard called us. He explained that the rebells entered again into one of our offices.  They removed the books to the yard and burned them. They are now staying in that office. We called some people we know to go check and they confirmed what happened. They already looted my office, stole the computers but we are afraid they will go into the library.
  5. Yesterday morning, another family with four children made it safe and sound to bamako from Gao.
  6. In Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu, Al Qaeda is reinforcing the sharia law and is recruting and training many young people. A massive exodus is taking place while people in those cities are starving and exposed to severe living conditions.
  7. Today we had a meeting of the pastors and leaders of the fellowship of our churches to pray and brainstorm about what we can do to in terms of ministry for the people in Bamako and the displaced.

Please pray as we are making major decisions.

Thanks again for caring and praying for us.

Grace and peace,


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