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April 16, 2012

Dear JLPF Partners…In America and all over the world people are suffering.  Here at home thousands are suffering from wild tornados that are coming in unprecedented numbers.  In addition to the suffering from natural disasters, there is also the ever-present physical suffering through sickness and disease.  Many of you are already aware of the suffering we have been facing as an extended family through the meningitis that my grandson, Luke, has come down with -- which we deeply appreciate your prayers for.

As you know from my recent emails, in Mali, West Africa, our Christian brothers and sisters are suffering at the hands of Radical Islamic groups.  They have been forced to flee from their homes, lands, churches, Bible Colleges and towns and become refugees in their own country.  In Haiti where I just was for Easter, hundreds of thousands of earthquake victims are still suffering from homelessness and lack of basic essentials.  In parts of India,  Christians are suffering at the hands of Hindu militants who are destroying their homes and churches.  In Sri Lanka, Believers are being persecuted by Buddhist militants -- who were previously tolerant and non-violent.  The list of suffering goes on and on...

To help put this into a wider Biblical perspective, I am sharing this timely study entitled "The Fellowship of His Suffering."   I believe you will find it helpful.  After you read it, please feel free to forward it to other family and friends who might also be facing a particular time of suffering -- whether physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally or financially.  If they are not suffering now, it is only a matter of time!  None of us get through this life without some level of suffering.  So arm yourself with these timeless Biblical truths!  Then share them with others.

In His Sustaining Love,

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