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April 07, 2012

Dear Friends & Partners,

Loving greetings from Haiti.  I had a joyous Good Friday service at this tent on a hillside outside Port-au-Prince.  It is called Onaville.  Before the earthquake, this hillside was barren of trees and people.  Now over 500,000 people live here in a make-shift shanty town.  My friend and partner, Esperandiru Pierre started a ministry here with a small tent doing medical and social work.  A church was also started -- which I had the privilege of preaching at on my last visit for their first official service.  They quickly over-flowed the first tent --which was replaced by this larger one -- which is also overflowing.  We hope to build a large permanent church for them before year's end.  I will preach here again on Easter Sunday morning to another packed tent!  Thanks for your prayers.

When I landed in Haiti I received a text from Patt saying that our twin grandson, Luke had been life flighted to Chapel Hill with menengittis.  Obviously my heart sunk!  I wanted to get on the next flight home.  But due to the holidays that was impossible.  However  after talking to Patt on the phone -- and my son Jonathan, they felt I should stay unless Luke got worse.  Right now he is stable and on antibiotics.  My heart continues to be torn between being back home and being here with these earthquake victims -- who have also been through unimaginable trauma and tragedy.   And Jonathan understands this well as a father and doctor since he came to Haiti with me after the earthquake to do medical work.  So we all covet your prayers as we walk though This family crisis by faith.

In His resurrection love and power,

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