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June 13, 2012

Greetings to all,

We praise God for His goodness, provision and protection.  We are experiencing God's faithfulness through the love and compassion of His people in Mali and outside Mali.  All the refugees or displaced are doing well.  Each day brings its good or bad news.  The implementation of Islamic sharia law in northern Mali is a reality.  Many people (Muslims) are fleeing the North. We still have two families in Gao: Mohamed Alhousseiny and Mohamed Diallo and a young man named Mossa Aboubacrine.  Both men are married to Muslim women and have decided to stay in Gao despite our offer to help.  We have an almost daily contact with them and they need our prayers.  

Last week, the rebels paid a visit to the mission station in Dire and took everything belonging to Ken and Sarah Beckley.  They are actually staying in their house.  They also visited the agricultural project of some church members on the other side of the river.  They took all the barbed wires and one motor-pump.  When the villagers begged them to leave the motor-pump because they need it for farming, the rebels asked them to buy it.  They asked the villagers to pay one million cfa by the end of this week or they will take the motor-pump.  Let's pray they will not go back to the project.  

In Timbuktu, the rebels visited Pastor Ag Sabou's house.  He has left in his yard an old car without engine or tires.  The rebels requested from his guard to find the missing parts or he will be brought to their justice.  Please pray they will not harm this man and his family.  

In Gao, Ansardine and Al Qaeda fighters who are staying in the Bible Institute took Richard Marshall's drill and all the tubes.  They gathered all our chairs, offices, tables and cupboards, etc. for sale or public auction.  Most of our friends and contacts there called us and proposed to buy them back so we can have them when we return.  We did not feel very comfortable in doing that because the rebels can take them again.  It seems no one came to buy.  We don't know what will happen.  

Last week we also received the visit of the representatives of the Malian government who is in charge of the humanitarian action.  They brought some rice, millet, sugar and soap for the displaced as you can see on the pictures.  Today all the displaced had a wonderful time of fellowship and worship on the site of Niamana (see pictures).  

I do request your prayers for all the meetings, teaching and preaching in various places.  As acting president for the fellowship of Baptist churches of Mali, I have a heavy burden on my shoulders and I know only your prayers will help me go through.  

Thanks for praying and supporting the refugees.

Dr. & Mrs. Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara
Institut Biblique de la Boucle

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