JL's Journal

June 13, 2012

Dear Friends & Partners…the summer storm season is upon us!  According to meteorologists, the storms have already started earlier than ever.  The weather specialist tell us that these early "storm clouds" are warnings of a rough season of hurricanes between now and the end of summer.  But these physical storms are also a reminder of the spiritual storms that are raging all across our globe!  From a personal to a national level, destructive storms are raging – ravaging lives, homes, cultures and countries in the process.

In anticipation of this storm season, I have revised my book entitled "The Storms of Life."  We would like to send you a copy for any gift of $20 or more to JLPF*.  You will be blessed by the book and your gift will help us bring spiritual, emotional and physical relief to those who have been impacted by the "storms of life."

Anchored in Jesus,
JL & Patt

* In the note section please type 'The Storms of Life Book' or, if you prefer, please send a note with your donation to:
JL, Patt & Friends
P.O. Box 4066
Glen Raven, NC 27215

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