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May 20, 2010

CEDS 2010 graduates

The following members of the Class of 2010 were recognized for acheivements during their studies at the divinity school:

  • Doug Windley - Eerdmans’ Excellence in Biblical Studies Award
  • Sonny Flowers - Lifeway Excellence in Christian Ministry Award
  • Austin Preik - Zondervan Greek Language Award
  • Ken Terry - Poplar Ridge Friends Meeting Excellence Award

Ken Terry was also the first DMin graduate at the divinity school.

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May 06, 2010

Dear Friends & Partners:

After retiring from being CEO of NDI and turning over the leadership to my son, Joseph, I have accepted a professorship at the Carolina Evangelical Divinity School(CEDS). Because my good friend and long-time associate, Dr. Bill Wilson, also teaches there, he has urged me for a number of years to join the faculty. He felt I had a lot to share about global missions from my more than 4 decades of travel, teaching, preaching and mentoring. However, I knew that my priority and passion was not in an academic classroom but “in the field” and out on the “cutting edge” of what God was doing around the world—especially among the unreached and underreached. So I knew I could not be both on location and in the itineracy at the same time. But Dr. Frank Scurry, President of CEDS, graciously created a special position that fit my calling. As you can see, he has given me the title of “Professor-at-Large,” which means I can continue to travel and teach. Therefore, like John Wesley I can still say: “The world is my parrish!”


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