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December 24, 2010

Dear Family & Friends,

One of our great joys through these more than 45 years of marriage and ministry is to send out our annual “Family Christmas Card.”  In the early days, our cards pictures Patt and me with our 4 children at various ages.  Then their spouses were added as they got married.  Now we have the joy of sharing our grandchildren with you.  And we also love sitting down day after day during December and opening Christmas Cards from so many of you.  Keep them coming!  Now we receive many via email—which is cheaper and faster for all of us.  But regardless of the form, we love these Christmas communications from friends and partners like you!

Click here for this year’s Christmas Card from our Family

In many way, the Bible is God’s Christmas Card to each of us.  In the Advent Stories recorded in Matthew and Luke, there are many different Christmas messages.  Through pictures and script, each one has been portrayed on Christmas Cards year after year.  Perhaps the greatest Christmas message of all is the prophetic words the angel announced to Joseph: “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call Him IMMANUEL, which means, ‘GOD WITH US’” (Matt. 1:23).  That assurance of God always being “with us” rather than “against us” or “aloof from us,” has been especially precious to Patt and me this past year.  In spite of some major family and ministry transitions, we have experienced the intimate “with-ness” of God in so many ways through His Word…through His Spirit…through His people!

When I was in Africa earlier this month, I preached on this topic of God being “with us” through Christ in every situation.  I believe the principles are just as relevant for us living in America as for our brethren living in Africa—or in Asia or anywhere in the world.  Let me share the outline with you for your Advent Meditation.

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December 21, 2010

“…the Magi…bowed down and worshiped Him.  Then they opened their gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh”
(Matt. 2:11)

Dear Ministry Partner,

This is a pictorial guide of some of the gifts our ministry and partners like you contributed to Kingdom Works in Africa this year.

click here for the pictorial guide

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December 08, 2010
Turkana woman with JL

Dear Partner…I experienced my Christmas today beyond measure!  To go with my friend, partner and son, Stakwell to take fresh water to a remote Turkana village was off the charts!  These women have to walk 20 miles to get water.  We need a sponsor for this outreach to make a weekly delivery rather than whenever stakwell can come up with the extra funds to buy fuel.  The cost would be $200 a month—and the Gospel goes with each delivery.  That would make Christmas a weekly experience for these dear people and would lead to the salvation of many of them ad they meet the Living Water, Jesus Christ.  Remember the Lord’s exhortation to give a cup of water in his Name—which would lead to an eternal reward.  If you watch this brief video clip you will thank God afresh when you turn on your faucet and have plenty of running water—in either hot or cold!  I will send you much more after I get home.

Read on to see some video clips and photos from our outreach.


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December 06, 2010
tribal reconciliation

Dear Friends…this is why I always need your prayers!  We are involved in an “out of the box” ministry of reconciliation between the Samburu and Turkana tribes—historic enemies here in Northern Kenya, with my dear partner, Stakwell Yurenimo.

burned child helped

We are flying this young boy back home after severe burns from a fire.  What a joy to be able to help like this.

In His Healing Love,

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