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August 30, 2010

Dear Partners and Friends,

I bring you greetings from Ghana, in West Africa, in a town just north of Kumasi called Mfensi. It was my privilege to teach at the Messiah Center all last week and the Lord’s presence was there! About 100 men participated in the National Conference for Ministers and Church Leaders. What a wonderful time of worship, teaching and fellowship. The event was organized by my Ghanaian partner, Evangelist Yaw Asante. It has been my privilege to work with him for several decades and I admire his heart for pastors as well as for the lost of Ghana, especially the Muslim north. Yaw is always urging men who have a heart for the Lord to become bi-vocational pastors and go north. During the conference, Yaw spoke on the hardships, long-suffering, patience and persistence necessary for success and fruitfulness.


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