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March 31, 2010



For the remaining 5 days of this series, we are going to move from information to application.  Thus far we have primarily focused on how the passion related to Christ.  Now we are going to end with how Christ’s passion impacts us, because it was His passion that produced our pardon.

The foundational word in both the Old and New Testaments that summarizes our pardon is the word propitiation.  It is definitely one of the heaviest and most weighty words in the entire Bible.  Since it may be one of the least understood words, we need to unwrap this rich theological term to see how propitiation and pardon are inseparable.

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March 30, 2010

President Bush with Ambassador Lewis Lucke

Dear Friends and Partners,

One of the brighter sides of my 3 trips to Haiti has been my interaction with NDI Alumni, Ambassador Lewis Lucke.  Because of his past deployment here as Ambassador, he was immediately redeployed here after the killer quake on January 12th.  And since we had come to Haiti together a little over a month prior to the earthquake, it was a timely redeployment for both of us to a country and people we both are passionate about.  In addition to overseeing the monumental tasks of rescue, relief and redevelopment, Lew has had to receive all of the US Government officials who have come down.  Members of Congress, Senators, Speaker of the House, Presidents Clinton and Bush.  Here is one that Lew shared with me of his greeting of President Bush on the tarmac when he recently visited Haiti.  These two men obviously have a warm relationship and great respect for each other.  If you will look back and look at my earlier reports on Lew, you will see a personal exchange between them on President Bush’s last day in office.

Ambassador Lucke passes the baton of leadership here on April 1st to other people.  He will return home to Austin, Texas, for some well deserved time with his wife, Joy.  They have been separated since the earthquake hit.  So pray for both of them that God would wonderfully restore the time that they were apart in some quality and quantity time together.

One thing for sure.  Both Lew and I have agreed that we will be back in Haiti together a number of more times in the months and years ahead!

In God’s Love for Haiti,

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After Jesus shouted, “Tetelestai!”  He cried the seventh and final words of His passion.

“Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit.”  (Luke 23:46)

These final words of triumph were a direct quote from Psalm 31:5.  “…into Your hands I commit My spirit”.  This was the most common prayer that every Jewish boy and girl was taught from their infancy.  It was the prayer to at the end of the day before going to sleep and was much like the one many parents teach their children to pray today.

“Now I lay me down to sleep.  I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

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March 29, 2010

I now have a twitter account where I will be posting quick updates on my travels and prayer needs from our partners around the world.  I hope you will honor me by following my “tweets”!  You can follow me here:  @jlwilliams_org.

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After Jesus drank the wine vinegar on the hyssop plant, He uttered the sixth “words from the cross”.  Only John recorded this:

“When He had received the drink, Jesus said, ‘It is finished.’”  (John 19:30)

The word Jesus used here is one of the richest in the entire New Testament.  The three word sentence in English, “It is finished.” is the transliteration of one word in the original: Tetelestai.  It simply means, “paid in full”.  Ancient tax receipts written on papyri have been found by archaeologists with this exact same word.  When the tax collector wrote Tetelestai on your bill it meant that you had fully paid your bill.  You didn’t owe the government anything else.  You were free!

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