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November 29, 2009

When you open this blog, Thanksgiving Day and weekend will be history.  And like me, you may feel and look like a “stuffed turkey” before it was carved and devoured!  While I enjoy every Thanksgiving Day with family and friends, I cannot ever enjoy such feasting without reflecting on my less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world.

My recent several weeks of ministry in Abaco, Treasure Cay, Andros and Freeport, Bahamas – as well as Haiti, was a great spiritual and physical preparation for Thanksgiving.  Both the Bahamas and Haiti are considered “Third World Countries” in comparison to America.  While there are small pockets of “Caribbean Paradise” in the Bahamas around the tourist industry, there is still much subsistence living and poverty a few rows back from the high rise hotels, posh condominiums and gambling casinos – especially among the thousands of Haitian Diaspora living there.  In the Bahamas, the Haitians – many of whom are illegal immigrants, do most of the menial work and manual labor.  But they have also built some of the strongest churches in the Bahamas – which we have been involved with for years through our Bahamian partners.  So the following pictures will give you a quick overview of some of my recent pre-thanksgiving ministry there – for which I give thanks to both God and you as my ministry partners, for making that time possible for Patt and me.

Preaching at a small Haitian church near Treasure Cay, Bahamas

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