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October 04, 2009

Dear NDI & KE Partners,

This morning I arrived back home from Duke Medical Center around noon.  It is a joy to write and let you know that the implantation of the Pacemaker went perfectly – apparently a textbook case.  To God be the glory!  I know the positive results was because of the excellent medical staff at Duke plus the prayers and intercession of our national and international partners.  Patt and I went through this procedure with a great sense of the presence and peace of the Lord Jesus and the love and prayers of His saints.

I had a great time of sharing with the nurses, doctors and staff in the Operating Room before and while the procedure was taking place –until they made me stop talking, that is!  Several were Christians so I took the opportunity to pray for everyone as I was being prepped on the gurney.  I told them I was an “underground recruiter” for medical missions and was there to sign them up!  I have each of their addresses and will follow up by sending them one of my books and some literature this week.

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