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September 27, 2009


Dear NDI/KE Partner,

After our recent time in Sudan, we flew on to Kenya where we landed at the small dirt “bush runway” at Kurungu.  Then we drove about 5 kilometers to South Horr to visit our “Samburu Sports Camp & Safari Lodge.”  As you know, it is headed by our Samburu partner, Stakwell Yurenimo.

We stopped in to check on the garden project.  It is especially needed now due to the severe drought going on all over northern Kenya that is resulting in the death of many cattle and people (Please read the update below on the drought by my missionary friends and partners, Ken & Susan Black).


Because of the long-running drought, the water tables in the wells is rapidly dropping.  Many have dried up all together.  We have had one well at South Horr dry up.  Now everything is resting on the one remaining well.  By God’s grace we were able to contact a missionary friend who drills wells.  He immediately sent in his well drilling rig that is there in South Horr right now trying to find another deeper source of water.  This will cost us another $5,000 that was totally unexpected.  But lives are depending upon it!  So PLEASE help us as you can.  Not only does our well supply the garden and ministry at the Camp, Stakwell also takes water weekly to surrounding villages where there is little or no water at all (Please note the pictures of one of the “water deliveries” I went on with him recently).

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September 22, 2009

This Friday, September 25, the Islamic community of the USA endeavors to have 50,000 Muslims praying on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.  I’ve provided a link below for you to see how emboldened the Muslims of America have become.  Will you pray with us that Jesus will respond, in the hearts of Christian Americans, to have an impact on our Muslim neighbors?  That we will, as a church, become engaged in the spiritual battle that rages on around us? Pray that the Truth of Christ will be made known to all that go to the Capitol this Friday.


imageAnd please check out the DVD and book resources that I have produced on Islam.

A Christian Perspective on Islam (DVD)

A Christian Perspective on Islam (Book)

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September 07, 2009


Dear NDI/KE Partners,

I have just landed in Lokichoggio, Kenya, from Sudan.  We flew in yesterday from Ethiopia and landed in Juba—without visas!  Because of my quick turn-around from Haiti before I left on this trip, I did not have time to send my passport off to get a Sudan Visa.  So we decided to “fly by faith” and hope we could get it at the airport in Juba.  While we were not arrested, they did threaten to turn us around and send us back to Addis Ababa!  So we pled for mercy—which the Custom and Immigration Officer finally gave us!  So thanks for praying us through another potentially volatile situation.  Wonder or wonders, we were allowed to fly on to Malakal without a Visa—a real miracle.

We went to Malakal to meet with our primary Sudanese partner, Dr. John Nyikako.  But upon our arrival, he was not at the airport.  After several hours waiting, we got a ride with a United Nations pickup truck to a local hotel.  Fearing that John might have had an accident, the next morning we went to the local hospital plus the UN one.  But no John.  We also made the rounds of several churches thinking we might find someone there who know where he might be.  Finally a UN Official told us that there had been a tribal conflict the night before in which some 40 people were killed.  As a result of this fighting, both the road and Nile river was closed down to all transportation.  Figuring that John was cut off from us for an indefinite time, we had to fly on to our next destination—the Hospital in Akot (Akot Medical Mission) run by Mustard Seed International. 

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September 04, 2009

imageDear NDI/KE Partner,

Loving greetings from Ethiopia—the home of one of the oldest churches on the African Continent.  As you know from both the Old and New Testaments, the church here dates their origin back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba and the Ethiopian Eunuch.  I date my personal involvement here back to 1987.  Let me explain…

I first came here after the 1986 ICIE, or “International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists” sponsored by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA).  At that time, Samaritan’s Purse (SP) was a relatively young organization, with Franklin Graham at the helm.  Because my brother, Ed, had worked for the BGEA and also SP, he invited me to be apart of the ICIE in Amsterdam.  It was an incredible time to fellowship and network with some 10,000 national “barefoot evangelists”—as Dr. Billy Graham called them, from all over the world.

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