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November 15, 2007

A few days ago Patt and I were in Haiti for another event at the “Haiti White House,” or National Palace.  It was my third time to participate in these historic Christian gatherings in partnership with our long time friend, Pastor Chavannes Jeunes, and his lovely wife, Marie Lucie.  God sovereignly networked us together over 25 years ago—and we have enjoyed wonderful friendship and partnership since then.  Chavannes has now emerged as perhaps the single most well known and influential Christian leader in Haiti.  He is also the most widely known Haitian among the Diaspora in America, Canada, France and the Caribbean.  His Christian political party made many advances in the last elections on the local and national level.  And he came in number 3 in the Presidential elections, losing to incumbent Rene Preval.  It is my prayer and hope that he will be elected next time as the first evangelical Christian President in Haitian history!

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