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October 23, 2007

The last entry in my Mission Journal was written by Patt and focused on Ethiopia—especially the Women’s Conference there.  I hope you were blessed and encouraged by it as you got a brief glimpse of what your prayers and support make possible. This entree of my Travel Journal focuses on our time in Yei, Sudan, after we left Ethiopia.  Here our focus was on the “Eden Keepers’ Farm” headed by our Sudanese partner, Dr. John Nyikako.  God sovereignly connected me with him several years ago when he was a refugee in Nairobi.

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October 14, 2007

“Vipers Attacking the Church” is a message that informs the Body of Christ about the devices of Satan, the twin-fanged serpent who seeks to inject his venom into our lives.  Poison and venom come in a variety of forms and always lead to sin and sickness. Understanding these forms and tactics of the enemy is important to averting death and living a victorious life in Christ. Everyone has been bitten, but Jesus Christ is our Healing Solution!  Listen to it now via our Podcast or download it from Biblical Principles for Living library!

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October 05, 2007

Dear Friends,

Please excuse this overdue report on the women’s conference in Ethiopia. It was delayed for several reasons. When I returned home on September 3rd, I was sick with a bad cold/flu.  J.L. came back from Sudan on the 9th even sicker than I was. I couldn’t seem to get better and neither could he. But, then J.L. got worse.  He was finally hospitalized with falciparum malaria and pneumonia on September 20. After several days of him wavering in the balance, or so it seemed to me, the doctor changed the malaria medication and J.L. made a dramatic turn for the better.  He came home on the 25th and has been improving slowly, day by day. I am almost completely well, and we praise the Lord for both of us.

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