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May 01, 2012

After Packing Removed; Waiting to Leave Hospital; At Home With Owen & Joy Yael; Enjoying Their Backyard

Dear Family and Friends,

We were surprised/excited/thrilled yesterday to hear from Julie that the docs were going to let Luke come home early!  The moment was almost beyond words!!  J.L. and I were at the house with Joy Yael and Sallie (Julie's mom) when Jonathan, Julie, Luke and Owen drove in the driveway.  From then until we left later in the day, Luke couldn't stop smiling and hugging everyone!  Wonderful, wonderful!  After 7 days in a hospital room, he stayed outside and enjoyed the fresh air until it was time to eat supper.  What a GREAT day!

Luke has to really take it easy for 4 weeks.  After that, he can gradually increase activity over the next 6 weeks.  We don't know how a 9-year-old boy does that, but he knows he has to try.  Our deepest thanks to all of you for your faithful prayers and concerns.  We feel so truly blessed to have a happy end-ing to a very scary time that began 27 days ago.

       Luke With His Pet Frog!


Rejoicing in the miracle of healing,

Patt and J.L.



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