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April 17, 2012

"…Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through His own blood."

(Heb. 13:12)

Dear Ministry Partners,

As you know, I have just returned from a long weekend of ministry in Haiti over Easter.  When I landed in Port-au-Prince on Maundy Thursday, I received a text message from Patt saying that our 9 year old twin grandson, Luke, had been flown by Life-Flight to UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.  By now, I hope you have read the update that Patt and I sent out.  Needless to say, this family crisis brought the Easter message home to me in a very personal way!  But God was faithful and sustained me.  More importantly, He graciously spared Luke's life – who is still in recovery.


While my days in Haiti were brief, they were diverse and intense.  Through the years, I have almost always been away from home for Easter – on some strategic spiritual battlefront.  In the early days of the New Directions, we usually 'hit the beaches' to share the Easter Message with thousands of college students – who were soaking up sun, sand, suds and sex!  In later years, I was either in India, Nepal, or Africa celebrating Easter with one of our strategic national partners.  This year, I was in Haiti to celebrate with the earthquake victims.  While I have ministered in Haiti over Easter a number of times in the past, it was especially timely because of the killer earthquake of January 12, 2010. 

As the verse above reminds us: "…Jesus also suffered outside the city gate to make the people holy through His own blood."  In a similar manner, there are now over 500,000 people who are still suffering and languishing "…outside the city gate" of Port-au-Prince.  It is a sprawling, baron hillside with almost no running water, electricity, sewage or infrastructure.  It is called 'Onaville.' 


But the Lord is building His church there.  I told the story in an earlier email after my first visits there and preaching in the 'tent church.'  So it was a joy to return and see that the church had quickly overgrown its capacity to the degree that a larger tent was erected – which is also already overflowing!  So we praise God for this partnership ministry with Pastor Esperandieu Pierre and his Nehemiah Vision Ministry (NVM) that is making such a practical difference among these earthquake victims.  And with your prayers and financial support, we will see a large 'containerized church' shipped down and built before the end of this year to replace the tent church. 

This latest church-building project will be a BIG step of faith since the total cost will be around $100,000 (building cost, shipping, airline tickets, food, lodging, etc).  Once again, this project will be led by Coy Tillett, who is also Board Chairman for JLPF.  He will be recruiting the "Manteo Miracle Men" to build the entire church in just one week – as they have done 5 times before in Haiti, the Bahamas and Nicaragua.  So be watching for more details in future emails.


When I flew to Haiti, I was also closely monitoring the political crisis in the West African country of Mali where radical Islam has taken over much of the country.  I made you aware of the plight of our partners there, Professor Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara and Pastor Nouh Yattara.  Since my return, we have sent out several updates on these dear brothers and sisters in Christ who have become political and spiritual refugees in their own country.  Keep praying for them.


However, while I am keenly attuned to the advances of Islam in Africa, Asia, Europe and America – I was totally unprepared for it in Haiti!  As I was being driven to the airport to depart Haiti on Easter Monday, I heard the traditional Muslim call to prayer.  I couldn't believe my ears!  I asked my driver to stop the car so I could find out the source of that all-too-familiar sound.  It was coming from one of the many UN compounds in Port-au-Prince.  So I quickly saw happening in Haiti what I had seen in other countries of the world where UN soldiers are.  You see, Muslim countries are very astute in getting their soldiers enlisted in UN service around the world.  And wherever those soldiers are, they require the UN to provide them time and space to practice their faith.  So by the time they leave a country, they leave a mosque in place and some local people whom they have converted – all paid for by our tax dollars!  Already you can regularly hear the Muslim call to prayer in Les Cayes in the south, Cap Haitian in the north and the capital city of Port-au-Prince!  So there is no country – regardless of how rich or poor – that is not on their radar screen!  Haiti has become just one more Muslim beachhead to further infiltrate America and the West.

However, the church in Haiti is far too strong for Islam to ever take deep root.  But the Islamic faith will become another destabilizing factor in a country that is already racked by political corruption, bureaucracy, ineptness, lack of infrastructure, voodoo, unspeakable poverty – and a devastating earthquake!  But God is also mightily at work and you are a vital part of it through your prayers and partnership with us!

In His Resurrection love & power,


PS:  Take a moment to view the slideshow pictures (top of page) and the video below from this latest deployment in Haiti.  I think you will be blessed and encouraged.


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