Dr. William P. Wilson
(Biographical Sketch)

To whom it may concern:

This letter is written to recommend my friend, colleague and brother in the Lord, Dr. J. L. Williams. He is an authentic minister of the Gospel. I have known him for over 40 years and have co-ministered with him in many varied venues, and have recognized that in the light of his wide influence he has an apostolic calling.

He began his career with a youth ministry. During that period of his life he led at least 10 thousand youth to the Lord including one of my children and discipled at least 8,000 of them. He then turned his energies to world missions and has developed a unique ministry of resourcing indigenous churches. His primary thrust has been to educate their pastors in the basics of the gospel and to encourage their evangelism. He has also helped them by providing the necessary resources to enhance the spread of the Gospel. The churches in which I have observed his efforts include some major ministries in India, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Haiti, South Africa and Kenya. His students have included both the leaders of the churches, pastors and laity.

J. L. demonstrates God’s love in all that he does. His influence on the youth that he worked with in his early days resulted in over 30 of them ending up in the pastorate. They have been enormously successful. He did this by equipping these young believers to become authentic Christians who became a true priesthood of believers. His influence on pastors in other parts of the world is equally effective so that their ministries, especially their evangelism, is energized.

More recently he has joined the faculty of Carolina Evangelical Divinity School (CEDS) as the professor of missions. He has been doing mission conferences for many years in churches and will now be teaching missiology to the students there. Although he has not taught a formal course in missiology in an American seminary before he has done so in seminaries in the developing world and done so successfully. I am sure he will do so at CEDS.

I cannot end this letter without saying that he is and inspirational teacher. He gave the commencement address at CEDS several years ago and it was without doubt one of the most inspirational I have ever heard. Most of our faculty commented that it was the best they had ever heard.

I do therefore endorse both J. L. and his ministry to you as anointed and approved by God and worthy of your support.

In His service,
William P Wilson, MD
Distinguished Professor of Counseling
Carolina Evangelical Divinity School
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry
Duke University Medical Center