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June 18, 2013


Pastor Gyan Sunuwar


   Just as a lot of school graduations are taking place in America in May and June, the same thing is taking place in Nepal.  There, Pastor Gyan Sunuwar trains and equips men and women for evangelism and church planting at his Bible College in Jiri, Nepal. Recently, 12 students were commenced at the seventh graduation ceremony. Gyan gives thanks to God for his unfailing love, and he also thanks his prayer partners who have made his ministry possible across the years since the “Everest Base Camp Outreach” (EBCO) Ministry began nearly two decades ago.  

   To date, the school has graduated 97 leaders that have ministries to reach the unreached for Christ throughout the Himalayan region of Nepal. Please pray for the new session that will start in August.


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Pastor Hani Billan

   When Patt and I were recently in Israel, we had the joy of fellowshipping with Hani Billan, pastor of the Cana Baptist Church. We have been in partnership with him ever since our earlier trip when God sovereignly connected us together. The members of our Tour Groups have purchased new chairs like this one below for their new Worship Center on the third floor of their building.

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Sangge and Pema Sherpa

   Just as Jesus called two sets of brothers to be His disciples (Peter & Andrew; James & John), He has continued that calling in Nepal. Sangge Sherpa, and his brother, Pema, are two of our relatively new partners.  Both were born into a Buddhist family and grew up in that strong culture and tradition. Although Pema did well in school, his father transferred him to a monastery where he studied for nearly 5 years to become a Buddhist Lama. Like his older brother, Sangge, Pema did not find peace or purpose through his studies as a monk – only sadness and emptiness.

   One day Sangge and his friends visited him and shared the good news of the Gospel. Pema secretly read the New Testament they gave him. Jesus’ words from John 14:6 pierced his heart: “I am the way and the truth and the life”. He believed in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord and went to Bible School – run by Pastor Gyan. After graduation, he joined Sangge in ministry in the highest regions of the Himalayans on the route to Mt. Everest.

   Sangge is one of our partners who recently planted a church in a place called Namche Bizzar. As we have reported before, it is literally the “highest church in the world” (3,400 meters above sea level). For Pastor Sangge to travel there for the monthly service he must spend many days trekking over the rough mountains – often in very dangerous and stormy weather.

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Joseph and Prema Jabemany

   Bishop Joseph Jabemany is our partner in Singapore. His Yeshun Evangelical Church has a faith goal of planting and building 100 village churches in rural India – each for between $2,500 and $4,000. Bishop Joseph has just dedicated their 81st village church!

   Bishop Joseph was also invited to preach at a harvest festival where about 30 thousand people from 500 villages gathered as he shared the Gospel with them over three days.

   This June, 300 youths from 40 churches came to the annual Youth Camp put together by those networking churches.  During the Camp, 25 youths committed their lives for full-time ministry. He is thankful for the prayers and partnership for this ministry.

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March 11, 2013


   Dear Ministry Partner,

   I am writing this email to introduce you to another one of our strategic national partners.  For over 4 decades, we have had the joy of connecting our American partners with our international partners.  These partnerships have become strategic and synergistic for the advance of the Kingdom of God in some of the most unique places on earth.  One of those countries and cultures is Bhutan.  This small mountainous kingdom is sandwiched between two national giants – China and India.  Because of the great storms that blow in from China, it is known as the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" – which is represented on their national flag.  Here are a few important statistics to help orient you:

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