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August 26, 2014


“Therefore, since through God’s mercy
we have this ministry,
we do not lose heart…

(II Cor. 4:1)

Dear Praying Partners,

   Greetings from JFK! Once again many of you have “prayed me through to victory!” As you can see from the picture below, I have my ticket in hand! By God’s grace I was able to get it mid-morning Tuesday due to the persistence of Nana Oduro, a dear national partner in Accra. He has hosted me for nearly 30 years in Ghana. As a successful “Kingdom entrepreneur,” he and his wife, Stella, are great examples of loving generosity and servant-leadership, and of honesty and integrity in the business arena. Because of the relationships and respect they have built across the years with the business and political community – as well as the Christian community, they are often used of the Lord to “…open doors that no man can shut.” So God used them in the last 72 hours to “open doors” that were shut by Delta Airlines and Ghana Immigration. As a result, between your prayers and their perseverance – I will be on the plane headed to Ghana when you open this email!

   It is a long ten-hour non-stop flight from NY to Accra – if the weather is good and the tail winds are strong.  By the time you land, your body feels like the extension of an airplane seat! But it’s part and parcel of my following the Lord in this ministry He has graced me with for the past 50 years. While it does get tiring to my 72 year old body, it is luxury in comparison to how Paul traveled by foot – or shackled in chains in the “lower deck" of a Roman ship! So it’s all relative! But that’s why Paul’s exhortation in the verse above is so constantly relevant to me: “Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."

Catching a "cat nap" in an airport chair, also 
known as "Torture Racks"!

   Finally, while it has been a very long day of waiting at the JFK airport – one of my least favorite airports in the world, I have been able to ... “redeem the time” (Eph. 5:16), as Paul said we should always seek to do (I quote that verse so often that my kids say they will have it etched on my tombstone!). On long trips like this, I always carry my laptop with one or two book manuscripts I am trying to finish writing – one of my top priorities in this last season of my life and ministry. People often ask me how I find the time to write books? (I am glad that most of them are kind enough not to ask “why” I write books!). I tell them that a lot of it is done in airports and on airplanes (I seldom watch movies).  

   It has been especially interesting to me that the manuscript I brought on this trip to try and finish is: “Managing Your Emotions” which I have had to practice a LOT in the last three days of waiting in NY! So I have had to “practice what I preach and teach” in this book. That’s why preaching is such a “dangerous” calling! God always puts you into situations where you have to move from information to application!

Thanks for living, loving, leading & learning with me ...


I am on the plane, buckled in,
and ready to take off for Accra!

PS:  God sovereignly networked me last night with a young couple that I met last year at a Tibetan Conference here in NY. We enjoyed a great evening of fellowship. While it is not fully clear yet why God reconnected us – we all sensed His sovereign hand in this meeting. I will write more after this trip about this “sovereign serendipity” – as I like to call these divinely orchestrated events!

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