JL's Journal

July 21, 2016


“I urge you, brothers…by the love of the Spirit,

to join me in my struggle by praying to God for me

Pray that I may be rescued from the unbelievers…and that my service…

may be acceptable to the saints…”

(Rom. 15: 30-31)

Dear Ministry Partner,

   When you receive this email, I will be airborne for Africa. It will be my first major international trip since completing the 40 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. While I still have some of the lingering fatigue from those treatments, I am trusting God for both the spiritual wisdom and physical strength for this trip. As all of my trips tend to be, this one will be diverse and fast moving. I will be in Kenya for the first week and Zimbabwe for the second week. Even though I will be in the “African bush” for some of the time, I still hope to be able to send a few brief reports and pictures – so be watching for those.

   In addition to praying for my physical stamina, I also ask for your special prayers for my “…service to the saints” through the many items I will be taking in. As you know, I always travel as a ‘Pack Mule For Jesus’ – taking in as much as possible to meet spiritual and physical needs. That’s why the airlines hate to see me checking in! So first, pray that I will get everything on board. Then pray I will be able to get everything through the Customs in both Kenya and Zimbabwe duty free. Sadly, the airlines look for every opportunity to charge you ridiculous fees for anything and everything!

Solar Bibles, charging in the sunlight, and packed for Africa. 

   Pray especially for the several hundred “Solar Digital Players” with the Bible in Samburu, Turkana and Shona that I will be taking in for distribution. The devil always does all he can to stop the “sowing of the Word” through any medium – whether preaching, literature, music or “Solar Bibles.”

   Finally, I am attaching an electronic copy of a brochure we sent out recently to people on our mailing list. It is a loving challenge not to take a vacation from giving during these summer months when giving tends to be down. Please click on the "Kingdom Advancing Ministry Summer 2016" brochure below for ministry opportunities, and please send in whatever gift you can to help us continue to “encourage, equip and empower” our many national partners in other countries.

Thanks for continuing to give spiritually and financially,


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