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October 28, 2014



Dear Friends and Partners,

   As you can see, I’m here in Calcutta, standing outside the venue for a one-day conference on evangelism and mission. Our long time partner and friend, Bishop Ezra Sargunam, and the Evangelical Church of India (ECI), sponsored the event. It was such an honor to be among so many Christians who have a heart for evangelism and missions in India, and beyond her borders as well.


   We were all inspired by the passionate and moving testimony of this converted Muslim, who had been a radical jihadist before he came to the Lord. Now he is a radical for Jesus, leading many Muslims to faith in Christ – including Mullahs (Muslim clergy) – and serving as an evangelist for ECI! His wife is a converted Hindu Brahmin (upper class) who is being used mightily of the Lord to bring high caste Hindus to faith. They are a unique couple from very diverse backgrounds that the Lord is using in amazing ways here in India.

   When you receive this brief report, Jack and I will be in the midst of one more conference for our final days of ministry in Calcutta. Interestingly, we begin our flight home on October 31st, Halloween Day. So, Satan is getting the worship he diabolically craves, whether through Halloween in America, or through Hinduism and Islam in India. To that end, I hope that you have already read my article on Halloween and shared it with others. If not, you may click here to read Duck Dynasty: A Halloween Decoy.

   I’m looking forward to next week’s blast when I can give you a detailed report on all that the Lord did on this 3 week trip through His will and your prayers!


For Him in India,


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