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January 22, 2015


Dear Praying Partner,

   In answer to all of our prayers, Sangge has safely arrived in Lukla. He arrived on horseback just before dark Tuesday evening and spent the night with friends. Since the small hospital in Lukla did not open until the following morning at 9:00 AM, he could not have his first medical check-up before then. We trust that he is undergoing medical treatment now and we do not know any further details of his diagnosis. Nor do we know yet if we will need to fly him on to Kathmandu for further and better treatment. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

   Once Sangge arrived in Lukla, he was able to send me these pictures from his 3-day trip – mostly on horseback. Through them you can see some of the challenges of trekking or riding from where he was to Lukla – especially when the snow fell in the higher elevations.  

   Below is his brief email to me with the pictures. I am sending it to you basically as he wrote it. As you read it, remember that English is not his mother tongue. But I think you will get the sense of what he shares through his broken “Nepali-English”…

My respected Dr J L,

   I give thanks to Lord and you. Thank you very much for pray and help. God had sent me to remote village for evangelism and new church plant in this year. So i had moved from Lukla to there. It’s near my hometown. But unfortunate I was fell down on the way and my left leg is cut very big. Therefor all my plans is canceled. Than i was very disappoint. I had do pray few minutes. Then i had phone called with Pastor HANOK and Pastor GYAN and share everything. They has pray for me and share with you. Actually you have been LOVING me in my every step. I didn't contact with you because I didn’t get internet. Therefor Ps. HANOK and Ps. GYAN contact with you. Ps. HANOK and Ps. GYAN told me I have to go to Lukla by Helicopter. Then I had search but it was not possible because of heavy snowfall. So I came on horse today. I arrived in LUKLA just now. Today i will rest and tomorrow early morning I will go hospital. Specially thanks for you for the very big funds you send me. I will receive all that money and I will use for the my leg and ministry. Now i am sending some picture to you. (My note: The "very big funds" he is referring to is the initial $1,000 that we received from our partners, and that we have forwarded to him for his medical treatment in Lukla. We will send more as needed).

In Christ,

Sangge Sherpa,


Sangee riding horseback over the treacherous mountain paths, 
and following a horse caravan part of the way.

Passing the ever present Buddhist prayer flags, and crossing a gorge on a 
shaky bridge.

At the higher elevations, the snowfall makes the horseback ride more dangerous,
and Sangee must walk and lead the horse on the snowy downhill paths where it
is too risky to ride.

Leading the horse, and limping on his injured leg. Passing more Buddhist prayer 
flags along the way.

These Buddhist prayer flags are graphic visible symbols of why Sangee goes
to these remote villages to share Christ. At right, a much needed
rest stop on his way to Lukla.

Sangee stops to rest his injured and swollen left leg.

Resting for the night before continuing on to Lukla.


   As we were going to press, we received the following email from Hanok, as well as pictures of Sangee’s initial treatment in the Lukla Hospital:

   Thank you JL, I have talked with Sangge this evening. He is going through treatment now in Lukla and fortunately there is no damaged part in the bone or shin except scratch on some inner parts of it. But at the time when he fell off, and major part of the flesh peel off and several hairs of the shinbone pushed inside the flesh. Doctor has been trying to get those hairs out from inside wound. They have put some medicines inside to get those hairs out. He further told me that he will need to have injection everyday for a couple of days and been on strong antibiotic medicine right from today. The doctors said he would need to be in the hospital for at least the next 4 days. 




Sangee's medical treatment in Lukla.

  Thanks again saints, for helping “pray him through” to Lukla. I will send a further report later after we receive more information from his hospitalization. Continue to pray with us for a good recovery without complications so he can soon get back to his calling to evangelize and plant churches in the high Himalayas!

In His Healing Love,


PS:  I have not included the close-up pictures of the wound on his leg as they are not easy to look at. But for those who have an interest or medical background and who would like to see them, please click here.

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