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May 26, 2015


(Part 6)

“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the

least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.”

(Matthew 25:40)

Dear Ministry Partner,

   Almost every day since April 25th when the first major 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, we have been doing emergency relief. Because of our strategic national partners there, we were able to engage immediately. Fortunately, we did not have to wait to get started until we could go there personally or deploy other people from America. 

   Because of several decades of partnership in Nepal, we already had “boots on the ground” ready to go to work. All they needed was some “money in their hands” to start to buy rice, lentils, blankets, tarps and tents. After receiving a phone call from Pastor Hanok Tamang – my very first partner in Nepal dating back to 1989, I sent some “seed money” by faith. I did the same for Yacob Tshering, our Tibetan partner, knowing that he would have a unique opportunity to help Tibetans in a way no one else could. 

   After sending this first “seed money,” I appealed to you, our American partners, for help. Many of you responded quickly and generously. As a result of your giving, our relief efforts have not stopped!

   To date we have been able to sponsor over a dozen major relief deployments to some very remote villages where people basically lost everything. And while there are hundreds of thousands of people who lost their homes, our particular focus is the “suffering saints,” or Christians, who had their homes destroyed by the earthquakes and series of aftershocks (Gal. 6:10).

   One of the unique relief efforts we sponsored was through the Himali Children’s Home in Kathmandu. We supported the establishment of this home for needy children over a dozen years ago under the leadership of sister Laxmi Tamang.


Above I am pictured with Sashi, who has lived in the home
since she was a child, and is now in college!

   Laxmi has run one of the best Children’s Homes in Nepal and has been widely recognized for her excellent holistic ministry to the children. 

   Like the Champa Choeling home for Tibetan children, the Himali Children’s Home also survived both earthquakes and aftershocks. While both received damage that is reparable, they are still fully functional. But they did have to move outside in a makeshift tent for several days during the aftershocks.


   Knowing that children are the most vulnerable victims of natural disasters like this, the Lord impressed on my heart that these children should minister to other children hurt and traumatized by the earthquake. In an earlier report I shared about the relief ministry of Champa Choeling. Here is an equally moving report on the several relief efforts you helped us sponsor through the Himali Children’s Home.

   Just as soon as we sent them some relief funds, they went to work buying and packing food and supplies.





   Let them tell their story through the email below (emphasis mine)…

   Dear Uncle J.L,
   Greetings to you all. 

   We would like to thank you for your gracious support. We went to two different villages. One is an hour away from our home where we provided food stuff for 80 people who were staying together in same big tent. There we donated them rice, oil, biscuits, noodles, bitten rice and cereals.





   Today we went to another village which is half an hour from our home where we distributed blankets, bitten rice, biscuits, noodles, soaps and sanitizer and some medicines for 40 families. Our children were happy to serve them. They were really excited to distribute all the supplies and they were enjoying and playing with their small children. They were busy making new friends.




   Thank you for your generous help because of it we could bring smile in many faces and teach our children to help in their difficulties. 


   Thanking you, 

   Laxmi Tamang 

   Himali Children Home Family 


“The least of these brothers of Mine…”

   Sister Laxmi heard about a group of “special needs” children who were especially needy after the two earthquakes. Her heart was drawn to them.  Knowing it would be a good learning and growing experience for the children in her home, she bought supplies to take to this helpless and neglected group of people. 

   Note her email to me below…

   Dear Uncle,

   Today we went to Solambhutar (40km away from our home and took nearly 2hrs). There we met 31 disabled children who were physically and mentally challenged.

   At first our children were a little afraid to go nearby them but slowly they manage to interact with them. They had lots of fun there. They taught them to color pictures, to blew the bubbles and assisted in making a small tent for them that we had taken for them. We felt very emotional and heart touching after seeing them.

   This wouldn't have possible without your generous love and support. It was great experienced for us and our children.

   Laxmi Tamang













   After their time of ministering “special love” to those with “special needs,” Sister Laxmi rewarded the children of the Himali Home with ice cream – a special treat!



   We received a special thank you note written on behalf of the Himali Home by one of the precious children who participated in the relief efforts. It is pictured below, and reads as follows:

   “Respected JL uncle,

   We are writting to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation to the victim of earthquake.

   As you know, on 25th April 2015 the destructive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred that cause the decrease of thousands of life and has ruin their habitation and property. Lots of people were looking for compassion and helping hand. Knowing their hunger, your merciful heart has honour to the victim of earthquake. Through your serving hand we erudite to serve other.

   There is no way to fully express our gratitudes for your loyalty. We ‘Himali Children Home’ are continually inspired by dedication and generosity of donor like yourself who answer the call to give again and again.

   May the bless and grace of heavenly Father pour in your family and in your ministry.

Your faithfully

Jamuna Magar

(Himali Children Home)


   Patt and I want to thank you for your continued prayers and generosity in supporting these 12 major distributions you have sponsored to date.  When you receive this latest report, we will be a few days past the one-month mark after the first earthquake on April 25th

   The UN is already speaking about the problem of “Compassion Fatigue” in the aftermath of these two devastating earthquakes and dozens of aftershocks. With all of the ongoing and increasing natural and manmade disasters in the world, it is an understandable emotional phenomenon. But since God never suffers from “Compassion Fatigue,” He encourages us not to “…become weary in doing good…” (Gal. 6:9). 

   Thanks for your continued faithful prayers and partnership in both the “relief” and “rebuilding” phases in Nepal. As with all situations like this, we cannot just give one time and consider our obligation completed. We must continue to give as God prompts and enables us – just like we are to give weekly of our tithes and offerings at our local churches (I Cor. 16:1-2).

   Pastor Hanok and other Christian leaders continue to do all they can to help the scores and scores of needy Christians who still have not been helped – a month after this disaster. So thanks for continuing to give as you can.

In His loving compassion for His needy saints in Nepal,


JL & Patt

PS:  As you prayerfully consider how you can help, we are still in need of $1,000 each month for sponsorship for the Himali Children’s Home. The sponsor who had been underwriting this program for a number of years is no longer able to do so. This would be a wonderful mission project for your church, Sunday School Class, or business.

    The following “thank you” pictures say it all …

 "Thank you, J. L. uncle with the help of your donation we went to help 
 the victim of earthquake in village area and in disable hostel."
  "Thank you so much, with lots of love from 
Himali Children's Home & Family."


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