JL's Journal

February 16, 2017


“…a time to build…”  Ecc. 3:3b

”…each one should be careful how he builds.

For no one can lay any foundation other

than the one already laid, which is

Christ Jesus.” I Cor. 3:10b-11

J. L. and Evangelist Yaw Asante.

Dear Friends and Partners,

   We want to continue to share with you about more projects that J.L. had set in motion late last year. This completed project was done in partnership with Evangelist Yaw Asante, from Kumasi, Ghana, whom we have reported on before. He and J.L. first met in 1983 at the Billy Graham Conference for Itinerate Evangelists in Amsterdam. Over the years, they ministered together in pastors’ conferences and seminars, self-support and building projects, and agricultural endeavors.

Yaw at a building project needing completion in 1994. At right, ND alumni
John & Jane Fraser and their son David are pictured, having joined J. L. 
 to assist with the building project and a Pastor's Conference.

J. L. shared nightly at the Pastor's Conference, and John enjoyed working
with the local musicians as they ministered together each evening.

   While Yaw is a master carpenter and builder, his passion is evangelism and discipleship, especially in the Muslim part of northern Ghana. He often goes with teams of other pastors and preachers to share the Gospel, “laying the foundation of Christ Jesus”, and then building upon it by discipling those who respond (please click here to read a recent report on Yaw's ministry).

Yaw and his team travel in the back of his truck to share the Gospel.

   Last year, the body of Christ in three villages had grown to the point of needing permanent church buildings. J.L. excitedly made plans to fund the building of them during December – and Yaw excitedly organized and oversaw all the details for that to happen! This was going to be J.L.’s next report after he finished the one we sent out about the Christmas party at one of the children’s homes.

   Please click here, and rejoice with us as you read Yaw’s report in his own words. And please continue to pray for these new churches as they grow and become God’s salt and light in their communities –and beyond.

   There is one more bit of good news to share with you. Feed the Hunger (FTH), led by our son, Joseph, will be sponsoring Packathons in memory of J.L. At these events, meals will be packed for Iraqi Christians, victims of ISIS, who are still located in refugee camps. After J.L. and I met a group of them a couple of years ago, we had a strong desire to help as many of these Christians as possible. I am grateful for this opportunity to fulfill his/our desire of using physical food to open doors for sharing spiritual food. We would love for you to be a part of it! Please click on the picture below to be redirected to FTH’s video that will give more details about this important event.

Thank you for your continued support as we build together for the glory of God!

In Christ,


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