JL's Journal

July 29, 2014

Goat Distribution

… “Let us go back and visit the brothers in all the towns
where we preached the word of the Lord and
see how they are doing.”
(Acts 15:36)

Dear Ministry Partners,

   Loving greetings in Christ from Nairobi, Kenya, on our way to Zimbabwe. Thanks for praying us through this first part of our trip, which was mostly in the African Bush. (Please click here to see our report from last week).

   Patt and I have just completed another goat distribution to needy Samburu women – most of whom were widows. These old mamas especially touched our hearts. One was blind, and 'saw' her two new goats with hands and fingers that have handled goats all of her life!

Patt distributing goats to the Samburu women.

   These goats were made possible through a ministry partner I will write more about upon my return home in a week. Until then, I wanted you to see the 'first fruit' from our previous distribution this past December. These kid goats are the 'first born' from that distribution. They named the white one 'Patt!'

Patt with the 'first born' kid goats from the December distribution, 
and with her namesake 'Patt'!

   Thank you for your prayers and support that make all we do possible for "...the least of these.”


JL & Patt

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