JL's Journal

September 20, 2016


“…they sailed back to Antioch,
where they had been committed to the grace of God
for the work they had now completed.”

(Acts 14:26)

Dear Ministry Partners,

   By God's grace, Patt and I arrived back home yesterday from our 'Asian Kingdom Adventure Trip' to Nepal and India. While Doctor Luke reports that Paul and Barnabas “…sailed back” to their home church at Antioch to report to them that they had “…completed the work,” we just “flew back” home with the same sense of spiritual completion. As a result, our hearts are overflowing with SO MANY experiences we want to share with you from the time we spent with all of our beloved partners in those two countries.

   It had been our hope to send you more 'field reports' along the way. But due to our busy daily and nightly schedule – along with irregular Internet connections, we were unable to do so. Therefore, in the next couple of weeks we will be sending out a series of reports in smaller “bite sizes” about our visits with partners and their projects.  

   These future reports will have a special emphasis on our Children's Ministries since we especially focused on them during this trip. We will report individually on each one, so you will have a better perspective of the location and uniqueness of each home:

  • The Anugrah Home in Delhi, India
  • The Himali Home in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Champa Choeling Tibetan Home in Kathmandu
  • The Bethany Children’s Home in Jaigaon, India

   I think you will be greatly blessed and encouraged as you see the immediate and long-term impact of your prayers and support for these precious children. You make our holistic ministries possible to '...the least of these' to whom the Lord Jesus said His Kingdom belongs (Matt. 19:14).

Pastor Gyan, J. L. and Pastor Dinesh.

   While we will feature the children in this series of reports, we will also share brief updates about some of our other key national partners. A good example is two of my spiritual heroes, Pastors Gyan Sunawar and Dinesh Sunawar, a partnership that began in 1996. They are the 'yaks for Jesus' who pioneered the 'Everest Base Camp Outreach' (EBCO) that has resulted in taking the Gospel all the way to Mt. Everest Base Camp.


   Together these two men and their team have planted over 300 churches among the unreached in the high Himalaya Mountains. (Please click here to read Pastor Gyan's personal testimony).



   It was a special joy to have Patt with me on this trip. Her presence always greatly multiplies our impact because of her personal time with the women. She will be sharing some of her insights from the trip in the days ahead – so be watching for those.

   Pray now that we will quickly rebound from our jet lag in order to get caught up with things on the home front with our children and grandchildren, as well as with our other national partners…

For His Kingdom & Glory,


JL & Patt

PS:  We are especially thankful to those of you who continued to give during the two weeks we were in Asia. Your giving helped us “…complete the work” on the trip and to return fiscally strong.

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