JL's Journal

October 21, 2014


After a day of outreach in central Nepal.

Dear Friends and Family,

   J.L. has had a busy and exciting 10 days in Asia! The highlight was getting to share the Gospel with an almost totally unreached people group, who were very receptive to hearing the Good News, and eager to discuss the messages. I’m sorry that you will have to wait until he gets back home to learn more of the details, as some security issues are still involved.

   Both he and Jack Franck are thankful for your prayers as they travel and minister for the next 12 days: for fruitful times with our partners in Nepal and India, and for good health and a quick recovery from a stomach bug!

   With Halloween just around the corner, J.L. wanted us to post his writings on the subject again. Excuse the fact that we are using the one from last year, but the truth about unmasking Halloween is true every year. Please click on the picture of the pumpkin to read Duck Dynasty: A Halloween Decoy, and feel free to download it, reprint it and/or share with friends and family.


With blessings and gratitude for your love and support,



Jude 2

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