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Rebuilding Haiti

March 24, 2015


“… I will return and rebuild David’s fallen tabernacle. 

Its ruins I will rebuild and I will restore

in order that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord

and all the Gentiles who bear My Name,

says the Lord, who does these things …”

(Acts 15:16-17)

Dear Ministry Partners,

   God is not only the God of redemption, He is the God of rebuilding and restoration. After times of destruction – whether through divine judgment or natural disaster – God called and...read on

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Pastor Wilbur Outten

Wilbur has been JL's closest friend and partner in the Bahamas for over 25 years. They first met when JL was traveling and ministering in the Bahamas with "Damascus Road," a small Christian Rock musical ministry from NDI. At that time Wilbur was a young successful businessman -- but with the call on his life for vocational Christian ministry. That began a mentoring...

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