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African Kingdom Safari, Part 4: Entrepreneurial Bishops

August 19, 2014

African Kingdom Safari – Part 4


“If any man desires the position of a bishop/overseer,
he desires a good work.”

(I Timothy 3:1)

Dear Ministry Partner,

   In this series of reports on our recent time in Kenya and Zimbabwe, we have visited entrepreneurial partners in the slums of Kibera and the African Bush. In this final report, we will visit several more of our strategic partners who are both spiritual and economic Kingdom entrepreneurs. That means they...read on

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Partner: Allan Knowles

Allan Knowles was born into a family where his mother and father were parents to ten (10) children.

Allan lived in what the apartheid government termed as a designated Cape Town Colored Township. Steenberg was in a sub-economic setting and crime was endemic. The Knowles family eeked out a living and the children received basic education at State supported schools -...

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