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Nepalis Helping Nepalis Through Your Partnership, Part 5

May 18, 2015



(Part 5)

“Our great God and Savior Jesus Christ …
gave Himself for us to redeem us …
a people for His own possession who are zealous for good works.”

(Titus 2:14; ESV)

Dear Ministry Partner,

   Through our partnership with Pastor Hanok Tamang, we have just finished our 7th major Relief Deployment to people living in remote villages. In addition, you have helped us sponsor deployments through Yacob Tshering – primarily to the...read on

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Rev. Edner Jeanty, Jr.

Edner, Jr. is one of the young Christian intellectuals and theologians of the country of Haiti and long time friend and partner of JL. He was born and raised in Haiti, the son of Edner Jeanty, Sr., who translated the first Bible into Creole. Edner, Jr. graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1989. He served with UFM International (now CrossWorld) as a...

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