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Sangee Arrives in Lukla

January 22, 2015


Dear Praying Partner,

   In answer to all of our prayers, Sangge has safely arrived in Lukla. He arrived on horseback just before dark Tuesday evening and spent the night with friends. Since the small hospital in Lukla did not open until the following morning at 9:00 AM, he could not have his first medical check-up before then. We trust that he is undergoing medical treatment now and we do not know any further details of his diagnosis. Nor do we know yet if we...read on

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Eben Ezer Bible College, Hwange, Zimbabwe

The friendship and partnership of JL and Francis dates back to his time in Bible College in Harare between 1986 - 1988. Through the recommendation of his spiritual father and overseer, Pastor Simon Mkolo, JL sponsored him to the Pentecostal Bible College (PBC), along with several other of Pastor Simon's key young leaders....

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