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Brief Update From Calcutta, India

October 28, 2014


Dear Friends and Partners,

   As you can see, I’m here in Calcutta, standing outside the venue for a one-day conference on evangelism and mission. Our long time partner and friend, Bishop Ezra Sargunam, and the Evangelical Church of India (ECI), sponsored the event. It was such an honor to be among so many Christians who have a heart for evangelism and missions in India, and beyond her borders as well.

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Ranjan Fernando

United Christian Fellowship of Sir Lanka

Ranjan Fernando has been a personal friend and partner for many years since God sovereignly connected our lives and ministries. As a native of Sri Lanka, the small tear-shaped island off the East coast of India, Ranjan has been our primary partner there for nearly two decades in this largely Buddhist country. In response to his...

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