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Easter Outreach In Kenya

April 16, 2014



“Later Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus…

He was accompanied by Nichodemus.”

(John 19:38-39)


Dear Friends & Partners,

   It has always been my commitment to be on some “cutting edge” for the Lord Jesus over Easter. That’s why I have seldom been home for Easter in over 4 decades. In the earlier days of the New Directions, as pictured below, we were on the beaches of North and South Carolina...read on

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Featured Mission Partner

Sarita Pradhan - Jaigaon, India

Sarita was born in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, where any and every form of Christian evangelism is strictly forbidden. But through a sovereign set of circumstances, the Lord brought her to Himself. She immediately became a evangelist and church planted in Bhutan -- especially among women. God mightily used her to bring both physical and spiritual...

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