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An Unholy War

February 24, 2015


“I know where you live — where Satan has his throne.

Yet you remain true to My Name. You did not renounce your faith in Me …

even where Satan lives.”

(Revelation 2:13)

Dear Ministry Partner,

   Satan has always hated the Church of Jesus Christ. That’s because Jesus loves the Church and calls her His Bride (Isa. 62:5; Eph. 5:25; Rev. 19:7; 21:9; 22:17). So, whatever Jesus loves – the devil hates.   ...read on

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God brought Stakwell into the life of JL when he was a young teenager in his village in Kurungu, Northern Kenya. He was a member of the Samburu tribe, who are pastoralists who move around with their cattle. He was born into a traditional polygamous family, the son of his father's first of 3 wives. Like all young boys, he was given the responsibility of...

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