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Momentum In Ministry

September 15, 2014


“ … those with clean hands will grow stronger

they go from strength to strength … ”

(Job 17:9; Psalm 84:7)

Dear Ministry Partners,

   There is a popular leadership maxim that says: “Momentum is a leader’s best friend.” In many ways that’s true. Whether in marriage, ministry, missions or the marketplace – momentum is essential for growth. However, it is also crucial to remember that building momentum takes time and effort. It’s like pushing a stalled car from...read on

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Featured Mission Partner

A relatively new partner of 5 or so years, Markus was born into a Hindu home in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.  Struggling between his Hindu home life and the teachings in his Buddhist school, he was miserable.  He developed a form of epilepsy at age 15 that neither the Buddhist monks nor Hindu priests could cure.  His plans to commit suicide were eternally interrupted by a Christian...

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Life is much like an athletic event where we prepare, train and then play to win.  Let’s not miss the fact that all of us are running a spiritual race for an eternal prize.