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A Time To Build

February 16, 2017


“…a time to build…”  Ecc. 3:3b

”…each one should be careful how he builds.

For no one can lay any foundation other

than the one already laid, which is

Christ Jesus.” I Cor. 3:10b-11

Dear Friends and Partners,

   We want to continue to share with you about more projects that J.L. had set in motion late last year. This completed project was done in partnership with Evangelist Yaw Asante, from Kumasi, Ghana, whom we have reported on before. He and J.L. first met in...read on

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Celebrating a Life Well Lived

The celebration of life service for J.L. was held at Lamb's Chapel in Haw River, NC on Saturday December 31st, which would have been J. L.'s 75th birthday.  The influence of J.L.'s life and witness will live on for many years to come around the world.

Recommended Reading
What Time Is It?

A great book that explores the times of our lives—either those moments marked by calendars and watches, or those marked by God’s intervention.

The Power of Partnership

Team work, partnerships, relationships—there is power in ministering together.

Featured Mission Partner


Partner: Professor Mohamed-Ibrahim Yattara

While he was an adolescent, Mohamed began to inquire about spiritual things. Though his father was a school principal and staunch Moslem, young Mohamed began to ask questions about other faiths. It was while he was visiting his uncle, Pastor Nouh Yattara, in Timbuktu, that he first heard about Jesus Christ.

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